What ammo does a 458 SOCOM use?

What ammo does a 458 SOCOM use?

458 SOCOM USES Standard cup and core bullets such as the 300 grain Hornady™ or Speer™ JHPs also offer effective terminal ballistics for shooters looking for more economical projectiles.

What is .458 SOCOM used for?

458 SOCOM is as a hunting round. The sheer amount of energy delivered by the heavy round is adequate for all large North American game animals, from moose to elk to bear. The round is perfectly serviceable for wild pigs and deer but overkill for animals smaller than a hundred pounds.

What cartridges use .458 bullets?


Cartridge Criteria 250-yard (230 m)
.458 Winchester Magnum Hornady 500-grain (32 g) DGS Velocity 1,531 ft/s (467 m/s)
Energy 2,603 ft⋅lbf (3,529 J)
.458 Lott Hornady 500-grain (32 g) DGS Velocity 1,660 ft/s (510 m/s)
Energy 3,058 ft⋅lbf (4,146 J)

Is 458 SOCOM worth it?

458 SOCOM is especially good at separating gun enthusiasts from their money because it’s just common enough and compatible enough with the popular AR-15 platform that it’s affordable to make or buy a . 458 SOCOM rifle but ammunition is prohibitively expensive like most other boutique cartridges.

What is the difference between 450 Bushmaster and 458 SOCOM?

450 Bushmaster ammo typically has bullet weights in the 158gr to 300 gr range, with 250gr and 260 gr bullets being the most popular. The . 458 SOCOM uses 200gr to 600gr bullets, with 250gr, 300gr, and 350gr being the most common. Finally, 200gr to 600gr bullets are typical with .

What is the biggest AR caliber?

Big Horn Armory’s 500 Auto Max is a rimless version of the 500 S&W with the same ballistics. It is capable of feeding and firing any ….Big Horn Armory AR500 Specifications:

Caliber: 500 Auto Max
Barrel Length: 18 inches
Muzzle: Threaded
Crown: Recessed

Is .50 Beowulf a good round?

50 Beowulf Good For? Given the big, fat bullets and higher side of moderate velocity, it’s a great overall short-to-medium-range cartridge for all sorts of stuff. On the hunting front, especially considering its bullet variety, it’ll handle pretty much anything north of the equator between Hawaii and Ireland.

Can a 458 Lott shoot 458 win mag?

458 Win Mag by 3/10th of an inch. Unless your rifle’s manual says you can shoot . 458 Win Mag out of it, the answer is a resounding “NO!!!!”. If headspacing is on the belt (300 H&H Magnum and 458 WM/Lott should actually use the belt, unlike the other cartridges based on the case) then you’re good to go.

What guns are chambered in 458 Lott?

. 458 Win Mag rifles in current production include the Winchester Model 70, CZ 550, and Blaser R8. Of these, the CZ 550 and Blaser R8 are also available in . 458 Lott.

Do Snipers use 6.5 Creedmoor?

On the sniper rifle front, according to Army Times, U.S. Special Operations Command is switching from the current 7.62×51-millimeter round—also known as . 308 Winchester—to the relatively new 6.5-millimeter Creedmoor round.

What kind of ammo does 458 SOCOM ship for free?

458 SOCOM – Precision One Ammo FREE SHIPPING With Buyers Club HP Precision One 458 SOCOM Ammunition 300 Grain Hollow Point CASE 200 Rounds – Free Shipping With.. ! 458 SOCOM – Precision One Ammo Nosler Mini Can Of FREE SHIPPING With Buyers Precision One 458 SOCOM Ammunition 300 Grain Nosler Mini Can Of 100 Rounds – Free Shipping With.. !

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