What animal is the 6 tails?

What animal is the 6 tails?

Saiken (犀犬, “Rhinoceros Dog”), also know as the Six-Tailed Slug is a Tailed Beast sealed within Yuuma Amaterasu, a shinobi hailing from the Land of the Moon and the villiage of Getsugakure following the Fourth Great Shinobi World War.

Is there a 7 tails in Naruto?

Chōmei (重明, Chōmei), more commonly known as the Seven-Tails (七尾, Nanabi, Shichibi), is one of the nine tailed beasts. It was last sealed within Fū from Takigakure.

Who is the 6 tails jinchūriki?

Utakata (ウタカタ, Utakata) was a missing-nin from Kirigakure and the jinchūriki of the Six-Tails.

How did the Akatsuki get the 6 tails?

Hidan and Kakazu captured both their assigned targets, the two-tails and the seven-tails. Deidara and Sasori managed to capture the one-tails. The three-tails was caught by Itachi, I’m pretty sure, and both he and Kisame captured the four-tails. Pein captured the six tails.

Who has the 9 tailed beast?

Kurama (九喇嘛, Kurama), more commonly known as the Nine-Tails (九尾, Kyūbi), was one of the nine tailed beasts. Centuries of being regarded as a mindless monster and sought after as a tool for war caused Kurama to hate humans….’Naruto’ Lore: Kurama.

Status Deceased
Classification Tailed Beast Sensor Type Sage

Who has the 10 tailed beast?

Obito as the Ten-Tails’ jinchuriki. Despite outclassing every ninja who faces him, Obito is backed into a corner by the combined efforts of Naruto along with the Second and Fourth Hokages. Obito then unleashes the Ten-Tails, which undergoes one more metamorphosis, this time becoming the God-Tree.

Who is the nicest tailed beast?

The Two-Tails, Matatabi, was sealed within Yugito when the ninja was just two years old. Matatabi is a respectful and polite tailed beast, and she is by far the most beautiful of the nine beasts.

Who is shukaku jinchuuriki?

Shukaku (守鶴, Shukaku), more commonly known as the One-Tail (一尾, Ichibi), is one of the nine tailed beasts. It was last sealed within Gaara of Sunagakure, after being sealed in two other jinchūriki before him.

Did Gaara get Shukaku back?

Gaara never got Shukaku back. Once the tailed beast is extracted from the host, it kills the host.

How many jinchuuriki are alive?

When Naruto ended, there were only three Jinchuriki still alive; Gaara, Killer B, and Naruto himself. The One-Tail had been returned to Gaara, while Killer B and Naruto retained the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails respectively. The fans were left wondering about the fates of the other six Tailed Beasts.

Which jinchūriki is the strongest?

1 Hagoromo Otsutsuki After this colossal fight that lasted over two months, Hagoromo Otsutsuki made himself the jinchūriki of the ten-tails, which further strengthened him to an unparalleled degree. He reigns supreme as the strongest jinchūriki in the entirety of the Naruto series.

What happened to Utakata from six-tails?

At some point, Utakata became the jinchūriki of the Six-Tails, Saiken. At first a loyal shinobi of Kirigakure, he left the village during the “Bloody Mist” era and was captured many years later by an unspecified member of Akatsuki. Having Saiken extracted from his body, he died at the age of 26.

Is Utakata able to control Saiken’s Tailed Beast?

Although he is not one of the four mentioned to be able to fully control their tailed beast, Utakata is able to use the power of each level of Saiken’s chakra up to the full Six-Tails form, like Yugito Nii.

What is the Six-Tailed Beast?

Do you like this video? Saiken ( 犀犬, Saiken ), more commonly known as the Six-Tails ( 六尾, Rokubi ), is one of the nine tailed beasts. It was last sealed within Utakata of Kirigakure .

What happened to Utakata in Naruto?

Unknown. Utakata (ウタカタ) was a missing-nin from Kirigakure, as well as the minor supporting character of Naruto and the jinchūriki of Saiken, the Six-Tails, which has been captured and sealed by Akatsuki, causing his death when the beast was extracted. However, upon his reincarnation, Saiken was resealed within Utakata.