What app does Moochies use?

What app does Moochies use?

The MyMoochies App is available to download from the Google Play Store for Android, or from the App Store for Apple devices. Just search for “MyMoochies”. Alternatively, visit www.moochies.com/apps for a direct link to the correct App for your device.

Can you text from Moochies watch?

Send texts, voice messages & more The Moochies Phone Watch can receive text and voice messages, and send voice messages, emojis and even photos.

What can Moochie watches do?

The Moochies 4G Smartwatch is designed for the peace of mind of parents and guardians as it allows kids to answer calls and receive voice messages. The contact list is parent controlled so that you can decide who contacts your child. It also features two-way video calling via the Moochies Watch and the MyMoochies App.

Can you play games on a moochie watch?

It doesn’t have games, internet connectivity, maps or a phone. In other words � it is a phone and a watch and has no other distractions.

How do I set my Moochies watch?

– Hold down the SOS button for 20 seconds, and once your Moochies turns on, wait until a ‘H’, ‘H+’, 3G or 4G symbol appears next to the signal bars. – Scroll down to Wifi, and connect the watch using your home WI-FI network. – When connected, press the watch back button to return to the main Settings Menu.

What age is a Moochies watch for?

The Moochies watch is aimed for kids aged four up to 12-years-old, but I am getting on-trend early with my two-year-old toddler. The app shows where your child is.

Does Moochies watch track steps?

Your child can track their activity level Know your child’s steps through their MyMoochies App with a pedometer on the Moochies Phone Watch for kids.

Is the Moochies app safe?

Well, Moochies securely store the data from Toby’s phone on their servers in Sydney. All traffic between the MyMoochies app from Jules and myself and Toby is secure and sensitive data is encrypted. Result! We love that the Moochies smart phone watch and MyMoochies app is a winner for the whole family.

Do you need a SIM card for Moochies watch?

Does the Moochies phone watch need a SIM card? The Moochies watch has a built in sim card, all you need to do is activate it and choose one of our pre-pay packages from our website.

How do I find my Moochies watch number?

– Your IMEI Number, which is within the Settings menu of the Moochies watch. Once you confirm this information, our team will be more than happy to assist you!

What is the SOS button on Moochies watch?

Press the SOS button (on the right side) to end the call. Watch Friends is a feature that allows 2 kids, that have Moochies watches to connect their watches together.

How long does the Moochies watch battery last?

It has a reliable battery life of up to 3 days and comes with a charging cable. This watch has a 12 month warranty.

What is the moochies app?

“The Moochies app is the companion app for MyMoochies, a wearable phone and GPS locator for kids 4-16 years old. Parents can call and locate their child right from their phone using the Moochies app.

How does the moochies kids watch work for parents?

Parents can call and locate their child right from their phone using the Moochies app. The Moochies Kids Watch can make and receive calls with up to 20 pre-set numbers.

How do I set up my moochies watch?

Setting up your Moochies There are 3 easy but important steps you need to go through to get your new Moochies watch all setup: We’ll take you through all these steps now. 1. Setting up a Sim Plan for your watch 2. Downloading the MyMoochies App on your phone 3. Registering for a Moochies Account and Binding your watch

How do I set alarms in the mymoochies app?

DELETE UPLOAD UPLOADING / DELETING PHOTOS ALARMS Alarms can be set both from within the MyMoochies App and from the Moochies watch. To view and set alarms, swipe leftfrom the Moochies Home Screen and click onthe “Alarms” menu item.