What are cabinet lights called?

What are cabinet lights called?

Under cabinet lights, also known as countertop lights, have been around for a long time, but with new options becoming available the trend has gained a new life.

Do I really need under cabinet lighting?

Adding under cabinet lighting to your kitchen will ultimately save you money on your energy bill because you’ll be able to light up the workspace without turning on the lights in the whole room. These savings increase if you choose LED lights and put different sections of lighting on different switches.

What is UC lighting?

The mission of the UC-Light center is to enable wireless communications by embedding signals into the light emitted by next-generation LEDs in systems for illumination, traffic control, advertising, and other purposes.

How do you hide under cabinet lighting?

Another option is called the recessed floor option. This is done by raising the floor or bottom of the cabinet upwards, so the cabinet door hangs past the bottom floor of the cabinet. This remaining area or void is perfect to conceal puck or LED strip under cabinet lighting when the cabinet door is closed.

What is the best under cabinet lighting?

Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light with Remote Control. Puck Lights are easy and quick to install.

  • Phonar 36 Inch Under Cabinet Lighting 3000K. The Phonar 36” under-cabinet LED light is a thin,lightweight fixture that gives a certain allure to your space.
  • RXWLKJ Stick-on Anywhere Portable Little Light Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights.
  • How to install an under cabinet lighting?

    Determine the power source for the new lighting circuit (wall switch box,outlet box,entirely new circuit,etc.).

  • Turn off the power to the source circuit,and test the circuit wires to confirm the power is off.
  • Cut access holes in the wall and/or cabinets to fish new cable from the fixture location (s) to the source.
  • Which one is better for under cabinet lighting?


  • GE Lighting
  • Hubbell
  • Philips Lighting
  • Osram
  • Excellence Optoelectronics
  • Eaton Cooper
  • Acuity Brands
  • Kingsun Projected Market size and Growth rate (CAGR) of Under Cabinet Lighting Market: In 2021,the global Under Cabinet Lighting market size was USD million and it is expected to
  • Where to install under cabinet LED lighting?

    Flip off the circuit breaker that powers the outlets in your kitchen.

  • Remove the outlet where you plan to hardwire your under-cabinet lights.
  • Drill a hole above the box through the cabinet’s bottom lip.
  • Slide the cable lock connector upward several inches on the cable and snap it into place in the knockout at the top of your junction box.