What are fire hose couplings called?

What are fire hose couplings called?

National Hose thread
National Hose thread (NH), also known as National Standard Thread (NST). It is the most common type of fire hose coupling used in the United States. The male and female straight (non-tapered) threads screw together and the connection is sealed with a gasket.

What is a suction gasket?

Part ID: N/A. Our Storz suction gaskets are designed to seal and prevent leakage between your firefighting connections. Gaskets available in various diameters.

What is a rocker lug coupling?

Hose coupling in which the lugs used for tightening or loosening are semicircular in shape and designed to pass over obstructions.

What is a tail gasket?

Tail Gaskets are used in the coupling and recoupling of fire hose. …

How do you install a fire hose coupling?

Installation of Storz couplings:

  1. Place the coupling in a vice or similar clamp so that both hands are free to work.
  2. Trim the hose squarely and place it over the shank of the coupling.
  3. Once the hose is correctly fitted over the shank, install the collars and screw in the bolts loosely (approximately 2 turns).

Which tool is used for connecting and disconnecting fire hose couplings?

Storz reducer: Storz reducers are vital equipment to connect hoses, pipes, and couplings of different sizes.

How are couplings attached to fire hose?

A set of non-symmetrical quick connect couplings consists of a male coupling and a female coupling. They are attached to each end of fire hose. The male and female coupling are connected because the male end presses the clutch jaws inside the female coupling outwards.

What is bowl size on fire hose?

BAT Thread (made in 2-1/2″ size only) will not interchange with NPT, NPSH, or NH threads. The ‘bowl size’ of a fire hose coupling represents the inside diameter of the expansion side (the thicker the hose wall is, the larger the bowl size).

Which tool is used for connecting and disconnecting fire hose coupling?

Hose couplings are used to connect one hose to another and increase overall length of a fire hose. They are attached to each end of a length of fire hose. Hose couplings are also used to connect hose to appliances like hydrants, wyes, and Siamese connections.

How do you measure a fire hose coupling?

How to determine which size hose you might have.

  1. Check the female coupling for numbers like 1.5 or 2.5.
  2. Measure the inside diameter of the male coupling. Do not measure the female coupling.
  3. Check for numbers stenciled on the hoses.
  4. Do not measure the hose laying flat.

Where is the removable gasket in a threaded hose coupling?

a removable rubber gasket located inside the base of the female coupling ensures a tight fit and reduces the chance of water leaks.