What are good names for a band?

What are good names for a band?

An Extensive List of Band Name Ideas

Band Names 0-10, A-H Band Names H-P Band Names Q-Z
Candy Corn Little Finger Strawberry Lumps
Captivated Machine Gun Villains Sunset Patrol
Cast Iron Cornbread Major Kronos Tabora
Caterpillar Martyrs Henchmen Techno Eagle

What bands do Emos like?

Popular emo bands include My Chemical Romance, From First to Last, Fall Out Boy, Jawbreaker, and Dashboard Confessional.

How do you make a catchy band name?

Here are our tips for coming up with your great name:

  1. Keep it simple. Some of the most memorable band names, like The Beatles, are really short and consise.
  2. Draw from cultural references.
  3. Song titles and lyrics.
  4. Intentional misspelling of a word.
  5. Just open a dictionary.

How do you pick a band name?

8 Tips for a Strong Band Name

  1. Reflect the right mood and imagery.
  2. Want to use your actual name?
  3. Consider how it’ll fit on your merch.
  4. Be sure it’s easy to read, pronounce, and spell.
  5. Choose a name that’s legally available.
  6. Find out if it’s an available domain name.
  7. Invent a new word (or play off of an existing one)

What are some good emo band names?

What are some Emo-sounding Band Names? The bands don’t have to be labeled as “Emo” but their band names have to be Emo. For instance: -As I Lay Dying -The Used -The Birthday Massacre -We Are the Fallen -Story so Far. Thanks! I guess it depends on what sounds emo to you. I’ve always felt emo as a more introspective, autumn sounding thing.

What are some stereotypical emo bands?

Rites Of Spring. Although vehemently refuted by the band itself,Rites Of Spring are considered as the starting point for emo.

  • Death Cab For Cutie.
  • Fall Out Boy.
  • Rainer Maria.
  • Sunny Day Real Estate.
  • My Chemical Romance.
  • Taking Back Sunday.
  • The Used.
  • Mineral.
  • Paramore.
  • What are some emo nicknames?

    The Emmys – For a wannabe television actress named Emma that’s obsessed with the Emmys.

  • Memma – For an Emma whose every mood could easily be used as a meme.
  • E-meal-a – For a shameless foodie named Emma.
  • Emushka – From the word “mamushka,” which means Mommy,for an Emma who would probably be an overbearing mother.
  • Emmany – For a sworn enemy.
  • What are some cool emo MySpace names?

    Jade I also do believe that the name for a female offspring named Jade would be a very valid,remarkable and reasonable name to regard to the whole “emo

  • Raven It’s just seems so mysterious,like a proper raven. A raven is pretty snappy and things like that,I guess that’s like a emo?
  • Willow I love this name.