What are goodride tyres like?

What are goodride tyres like?

Completely excellent tyres, makes the car very grippy and fun to throw into the corners. The feedback provided is excellent whilst still being very comfortable. They are a touch on the loud side, but that is a very minor concern for something that for all other purposes are most certainly brilliant tyres.

Where are goodride tires manufactured?

Who makes Goodride tires? Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Company is, by their own estimation, the biggest tire supplier in China. They are in charge of manufacturing all Goodride tires, and they are also their sole owner.

Is goodride a good tire brand?

Goodride has been manufacturing a full line of top quality tires for over 60 years. From high performance tires to dependable winter tires, Goodride has stood the test of time.

How long do goodride tires last?

Expecting the set to last 60-70,000km going by the tread wear index (440).

Are goodride tires made in China?

Goodride tire brand belongs to Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. (ZC Rubber), with headquarters in Hangzhou, China. It was established in 1958 and ranked among the world’s top 10 largest tire manufacturers, with four subsidiaries: ZC Europe, ZC America, ZC Brazil, and ZC Thailand.

Is goodride same as Westlake?

Rather than exhibit as ZC Rubber, the Hangzhou-based tyre maker prefers to present itself under the names of the two brands it markets in Europe, Westlake and Goodride. …

Who made goodride tires?

Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Zhongce Rubber Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Zhongce manufactures a variety of tyres for cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, tractors, ATVs and other vehicles. Tyre brands produced by the company include Chaoyang, Goodride, Westlake, Arisun and Trazano.

Are Westlake tires noisy?

Another positive side to the Westlake tires is the comfort and noise levels in some models. As far as touring tires go, they won’t offer the plushest ride or the lowest noise levels but are pretty good for the price. In most cases, the noise you will hear will be at higher speeds.

Are Westlake tires Chinese?

Westlake tires are manufactured in a state-of-the-art, biggest tire manufacturing facility in China that has earned several awards, including recognition from the US Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Economic Commission of Europe (ECE).

Are Westlake tires good or bad?

At normal speeds, all Westlake tires perform well. They work very well on dry roads and work better than other cheap tires on wet roads. While premium tires will last even longer, you won’t find another low-cost option that lasts this long. Most Westlake tires provide a comfortable and quiet driving experience.

Are Westlake Tires loud?

In addition to being a good, basic tire, there’s one quality that stands out among numerous tire reviews I’ve read about them and it’s road noise, or the lack thereof. Westlake tires seem to be extremely quiet throughout its entire lineup.

Why are Westlake Tires bad?

Westlake Tires Negative Aspects You wouldn’t want to push these tires very hard in rainy conditions. They perform well at normal speeds but aren’t too safe on the edge of grip. Westlake still doesn’t have a reliable tire for harsh wintry conditions.