What are Liberty Pumps used for?

What are Liberty Pumps used for?

Handling fluid temperatures of up to 200 degrees F., Liberty’s HT40-series submersible pump is designed for hot water applications such as boiler blow-down pits, condensate pits and high temperature water transfer. Other features include all cast iron housings, epoxy powder coat finish and a high temperature float.

Are Liberty Pumps good?

In conclusion, while the under $200 sump pump market is full of competition, we can easily say the Liberty Pumps 257 is one of the strongest contenders in the field. It’s compact, very fast, made from cast-iron, and features a far more reliable float switch design than the vast majority on the market at any price.

How long does a Liberty sewage pump last?

On average, new ejector pumps last around seven to 10 years, but if you keep up routine maintenance and annual inspections, some ejector pumps can last over 20 years.

How long should a Liberty sump pump last?

7-10 years
Even if you have professionally installed a quality product, a sump pump should be replaced every 7-10 years. Typically located in a basin on your basement floor, your sump pump collects excess water from drains and redirects it away from the house.

Is liberty a good sump pump?

Liberty Sump Pumps are a good choice for preventing basement flooding but they are a little behind Zoeller in quality. One reason to choose Liberty is the more expensive pumps have a 1 piece body that prevents water leaks from seals.

How long should a sewage ejector pump last?

7 – 10 years
Sewage Ejector Pumps – If you do have a finished basement, you probably have a sewage ejector pump. These have a life expectancy of 7 – 10 years. Faucets – Longevity is based on the quality of the faucet, the type of water that goes through the faucet (hard or soft) and how it gets used.

Where are Liberty Pumps made?

Bergen, New York
These pumps are produced in Bergen, New York in a very efficient lean-manufacturing environment.

What is the use of pump?

Today, the pump is used for irrigation, water supply, gasoline supply, air conditioning systems, refrigeration (usually called a compressor), chemical movement, sewage movement, flood control, marine services, etc.

Which pump is better liberty or Zoeller?

The Liberty pump has a slightly higher flow rate at 50 gallons of water per minute versus the 43 gallons per minute from the Zoeller pump. This might seem like a small difference but it results in a 420 gallons after an hour of run time. Another small difference is that the weight and power cord length.

Do Zoeller sump pumps have a warranty?

For submersible pumps, depending on the specific model, warranty could be either two years from the date of purchase (builder series), three years from the date of purchase (professional series), or five years from the date of purchase (premium series). Abuse or misapplication can void this warranty.

Who is Liberty pumps?

Headquartered in Bergen, NY, Liberty Pumps is a leading U.S. manufacturer of pumping products for ground water and wastewater removal in residential and commercial applications. Utilizing a vast network of Plumbing Wholesalers and Pump Distributors, Liberty’s products are relied on by hundreds of professional contractors each day.

How much does a Liberty sump pump cost?

Liberty PumpsLE Series 1/2 HP Submersible Automatic Sewage Effluent Pump Model# LE51A (10) $43125 Liberty PumpsSump Jet 660-1185 GPH Water Powered Backup Sump Pump with Wireless Enabled NightEye Alarm

How much does a Liberty sewage effluent pump cost?

Liberty PumpsLE-Series 1/2 HP Submersible Manual Sewage Effluent Pump Model# LE51M (2) $39675 Liberty Pumps450-Series 1/2 HP Submersible Sump Pump Model# 457 (11) $22950 1 2 3 4 5 Showing1-12of62results.

What is the difference between a Liberty 240 and S30 sump pump?

Other features on the 240-series include a quick-disconnect power cord and Liberty’s VMF switch technology for smaller sump pits (model 247). The S30-Series from Liberty was designed to handle the problem areas of sump pumps in new home construction.