What are some Synonyms for scorn?

What are some Synonyms for scorn?

synonyms for scorn

  • derision.
  • disdain.
  • mockery.
  • ridicule.
  • sarcasm.
  • sneer.
  • contemptuousness.
  • contumely.

What does showing scorn mean?

Definition of scorn (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : open dislike and disrespect or mockery often mixed with indignation. 2 : an expression of contempt or derision. 3 : an object of extreme disdain, contempt, or derision : something contemptible.

What is an example of scorn?

Scorn describes a feeling of contempt for something or someone. An example of scorn is what a designer clothing snob might feel towards cheap knock-offs. To scorn is to express a feeling of contempt or disgust for something. An example of scorn is when you wrinkle of your nose at an ugly outfit.

What does to be scornful mean?

: feeling or showing disgust and anger. Other Words from scornful. scornfully \ -​fə-​lē \ adverb.

What are synonyms and antonyms for scorn?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms

  • scornverb. Synonyms: contemn, despise, slight, disdain, disregard, sibilate, vilipend, spurn, scout. Antonyms: honor, regard, esteem, venerate, respect, applaud, salute.
  • scornnoun. Synonyms: mockery, disdain, contempt, sneer, slight, opprobrium.

What is the vocabulary word of scorn?

scorn Add to list Share. Scorn is open disrespect for someone or something. It can also be disrespect coupled with feelings of intense dislike. The noun scorn describes your feelings of disdain when you encounter something you view as worthless or inferior — like, for instance, a talk show that gets all its facts wrong …

What is the difference between scorn and contempt?

As nouns the difference between contempt and scorn is that contempt is (uncountable) the state of contemning; the feeling or attitude of regarding someone or something as inferior, base, or worthless; scorn, disdain while scorn is (uncountable) contempt or disdain.

What is a woman’s scorn?

said to mean that women often react to something which hurts or upsets them by behaving very angrily and viciously.

What type of word is scorn?

scorn used as a noun: Contempt or disdain towards a despicable or unworthy person. A display of disdain; A slight.

What is a scorned woman?

Rage means “anger” or “violent passion.” Fury is similar, denoting an especially “wild anger.” Scorned, here, refers to a woman who was rejected or betrayed in love.

What is the synonym of scorn?

Synonyms & Antonyms for scorn. Synonyms: Noun. contempt, contemptuousness, despisement, despite, despitefulness, disdain. Synonyms: Verb. contemn, disdain, disrespect, high-hat, look down (on or upon), slight, sniff (at), snub. Antonyms: Noun. admiration, esteem, estimation, favor, regard, respect. Antonyms: Verb.

What is an example of scorned as fanatics?

Her actions were scorned by many people. They were scorned as fanatics. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Meanwhile, Woan earns his father’s scorn after filling his bedroom with water for his latest viral video causing the alley to flood for no less than 35 supposedly-comical seconds.

What is the difference between despise and scorn?

The synonyms despise and scorn are sometimes interchangeable, but despise may suggest an emotional response ranging from strong dislike to loathing. When is disdain a more appropriate choice than scorn?

What is the difference between disdain and scorn?

In some situations, the words disdain and scorn are roughly equivalent. However, disdain implies an arrogant or supercilious aversion to what is regarded as unworthy. Love words? Need even more definitions?