What are the antonyms of mild?

What are the antonyms of mild?

antonyms for mild

  • agitated.
  • coarse.
  • cold.
  • excited.
  • firm.
  • hard.
  • harsh.
  • healthy.

Is Mild antonym of harsh?

“A layer of lacquer on the wooden deck gave it a nice uniform finish.”…What is the opposite of harsh?

lenient charitable
light merciful
mild moderate

What is the synonym and antonym of mild?

mild. Synonyms: moderate, lenient, calm, gentle, genial, tempered, soft, meek, tender, placid. Antonyms: violent, wild, fierce, savage, strong, severe, merciless, harsh, bitter.

What is the synonym of mild?

Words related to mild balmy, benign, bland, breezy, calm, cool, delicate, mellow, moderate, peaceful, smooth, soft, sunny, tepid, warm, weak, gentle, subdued, tame, temperate.

What is the opposite soft?

Antonym of Soft Word. Antonym. Soft. Hard, Rough, Rigid. Get definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What is the meaning milder?

1. amiably gentle or temperate in feeling, behavior, manner, etc. 2. not cold, severe, or extreme; temperate: a mild winter.

What is the opposite dull?

OPPOSITES FOR dull 1 sharp, keen. 2 interesting. 7 bright.

Is Mild more than moderate?

The optimal classification scheme for average pain was 0-2 = mild, 3-5 = moderate, and 6-10 = severe. Alternatively, the optimal classification scheme for worst pain was 0-4 = mild, 5-7 = moderate, 8-10 = severe.

Is tough opposite of soft?

“The firm cushion has some practical uses, but it is at the expense of comfort.” “Unfortunately, the use of a very inflexible material such as fiberglass has many limitations.”…What is the opposite of soft?

hard rigid
solid firm
stiff dense
tough unspringy
thick heavy

What is the opposite gentle?

Gentle means; kind, courteous, polite, delicate, affable, having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character, Opposites of Gentle; rude. rough. coarse.