What are the benefits of CA Benevolent Fund?

What are the benefits of CA Benevolent Fund?

Maximum monthly assistance available to a member or persons eligible to receive the assistance is from Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 25000/- per month according to the circumstances of the use renewable after one year. This is for maintenance of family of members/widow/relatives of deceased members.

What is Cabf ICAI?

CABF-Summary. Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund-Overview. Application form for Life Membership of the Fund.

How can I check my ICAI membership status?

Members can also check the status of their membership through the IVR System at 022-33671400 and selecting options as follows (1) Dial 1 for Auto System Reply, (2) For Member Dial 1, (3) To continue in English, Press 1, (4) For Membership Related Press 1, (5) Enter 6 Digit Membership Number, (6) Confirm it by dialling …

How much is CA membership fee?

Revised ICAI Membership/ COP Fee (FY 2021-22): Last Date Extended upto 31/12/2021

S.N. Particulars of Membership/ COP fee payable by ICAI Members for FY 2021-22
1 Annual Membership Fee payable under Regulation 6(1)
i) as an Associate Member (Rs. 1500 + Rs. 270)
ii) as a Fellow Member (Rs. 3000 + Rs. 540)

How do I become a fellow member of ICAI?


  1. An application in Form 101 duly filled in and signed along with Certificate of Practice fee for the relevant year. ( Form 101 can be downloaded from website)
  2. Annual Membership fee has been paid on or before 30th September of the relevant year.

How do I renew my ICAI membership?

You are invited to apply for restoration of membership by submitting Form No. 9 and update the particulars wherever necessary, if any, in case your name has been removed from the “Register of Members” due to non-payment of requisite fee before the due date.

How do I know my membership fees paid to ICAI?

ICAI has started a facility by which Members can know online the status of Membership Fees Paid or Payable by them. Member has to enter his Members Ship Number and Date of Birth as per ICAI records to know his Membership and COP Fees Payment Status.

Is there any scholarships for CA students?

The Board of Trustees of the Chartered Accountant Students Benevolent Fund (CASBF) has decided to provide financial assistance/scholarship for amount of Rs. 1500/- PM, to students who are registered in CA Intermediate /IPCC course and serving articled training as well as amount of Rs. Valid registration in CA course.

How do I claim benevolent funds?

To apply for the grant, download the application form and submit it along with the documents mentioned below:

  1. Student/ Father/ Mother CNIC copy.
  2. Latest Computerized Pay Slip for during Service Govt.
  3. Pension Book for Retired Government Employees.
  4. Affiliation Letter of Student Institute with Board/ University.

What is ICSI Benevolent Fund?

ICSI has established the Company Secretaries Benevolent Fund (CSBF) in the year 1976 which seeks to create big security umbrella to derive comfort and Security. Benevolent Fund – We Care. The Fund provides assistance for education/medical or for any other similar purpose in deserving cases to the. • Members of the ICSI.

What is CA SV Aiyar Memorial Fund?

THE S. Vaidyanath Aiyar Memorial Fund have decided to award scholarships to 100 students (who are currently undergoing articled training in accordance with The Chartered Accountants Regulations, 1988 who are poor, needy but meritorious) requiring scholarship to pursue the Chartered Accountancy course @ Rs.

How do I download ICAI membership certificate?

Steps to Download Reprint Letter ICAI

  1. Visit the official ICAI Reprint Portal: Click Here.
  2. Select the letter required from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the registration number.
  4. Enter the verification text (captcha) and click submit.

Who can be a member of the life member fund?

relatives or others who were dependent for support on a person who has been a member of the Institute, whether subscriber to the fund or not; and who has died without leaving a widow or child. Life Member : A single payment of 2500/- shall make a person eligible to be admitted as a life member of the fund.

How to join the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund?

Membership subscription to the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Fund can be paid along with annual membership fee online. The application for enrolment as a member of the fund shall be made in form ‘A’ .

What are the different types of members of the SBI Life Fund?

There are two categories of members :- (a) Life Member: A single payment of Rs. 10000/- shall make a person eligible to be admitted as a life member of the fund w.e.f. 1st January, 2020. Thereafter he shall not be liable to pay any amount on account of subscription and shall be styled as a ‘Life Member’.