What are the causes of human trafficking in the Philippines?

What are the causes of human trafficking in the Philippines?

Among the main causes of child trafficking in the Philippines are poverty, low economic development in communities of origin, gender inequalities, limited employment opportunities, existence of and access to public infrastructure (roads, schools, health centers, etc), large family sizes, inadequate awareness among …

How can we fight human trafficking?

Volunteer and support anti-trafficking efforts in your community . Meet with and/or write to your local, state, and federal elected officials to let them know you care about combating human trafficking and ask what they are doing to address it. Be well-informed.

How do you educate human trafficking?


  1. Read Through This Book List.
  2. Watch Documentaries.
  3. Read the Daily Headlines.
  4. Join a Campus, Community or Professional Anti-Trafficking Organization.
  5. Start a Library of Anti-Trafficking Resources.
  6. Attend a Community Training.
  7. Host a Screening, Book Club or Potluck.
  8. Stay Informed and Publicly Support Policies.

How do people get trafficked?

Sex and human traffickers get their victims through the use of physical force, threats, psychological manipulation, and other tactics. These methods allow traffickers to recruit, harbor, and control vulnerable people.

Why is human trafficking so important?

What is human trafficking in the Philippines?

Traffickers exploit women and children from rural communities, conflict- and disaster-affected areas, and impoverished urban centers in sex trafficking, forced domestic work, and other forms of forced labor in tourist destinations and urban areas around the country, and exploit men in forced labor in the agricultural.

Where does human trafficking happen?

Human trafficking is everywhere. Every continent in the world has been involved in human trafficking. In the United States, it is most prevalent in Texas, Florida, New York and California.

How do you spot human trafficking?

How can we help child trafficking?

5 ways you can help to defend children from sex trafficking right…

  1. Talk to your kids about sextortion and grooming.
  2. Report trafficking activity and abusive content.
  3. Talk to your representatives about child sex trafficking legislation.
  4. Donate to organizations addressing child sex trafficking.
  5. Stay informed and share what you’ve learned.

Why is human trafficking important?

Human trafficking has a devastating impact on individual victims, who often suffer physical and emotional abuse, rape, threats against self and family, passport theft, and even death. But the impact of human trafficking goes beyond individual victims; it undermines the safety and security of all nations it touches.

How do I report human trafficking in the Philippines?

Reporting can be done on-line through e-mail or via the official website www.1343actionline.ph, social media networks, mobile application and by calling 1343 and the international hotlines. Report in real-time suspected human trafficking activities with the option of attaching photographs and videos as evidence.

What are the impacts of human trafficking?

Victims of human trafficking can experience devastating psychological effects during and after their trafficking experience. Many survivors may end up experiencing post-traumatic stress, difficulty in relationships, depression, memory loss, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, and other severe forms of mental trauma.

How do you recognize human trafficking?

Human Trafficking Indicators

  1. Living with employer.
  2. Poor living conditions.
  3. Multiple people in cramped space.
  4. Inability to speak to individual alone.
  5. Answers appear to be scripted and rehearsed.
  6. Employer is holding identity documents.
  7. Signs of physical abuse.
  8. Submissive or fearful.

What is the penalty of human trafficking in the Philippines?

… (c) Any person found guilty of qualified trafficking under Section 6 shall suffer the penalty of [life imprisonment] DEATH and a fine of not less than two million pesos but not more than five million pesos’.

Who handles human trafficking?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is responsible for investigating human trafficking and supporting the victims of this crime.

Is ice involved in human trafficking?

ICE’s HSI has long been a global leader in investigating human trafficking and sexual exploitation cases and bringing offenders to justice. In fiscal year 2019, ICE initiated 1,024 human trafficking and forced labor related cases which led to 2,197 criminal arrests.

What country is human trafficking most common?


Why is human trafficking a problem?

Human trafficking is a global problem and one of the world’s most shameful crimes, affecting the lives of millions of people around the world and robbing them of their dignity. Traffickers deceive women, men and children from all corners of the world and force them into exploitative situations every day.

How traffickers recruit their victims?

Sex and human traffickers use many different tactics to recruit and obtain their victims, including both forcible participation and psychological manipulation. Sex and human traffickers get their victims through the use of physical force, threats, psychological manipulation, and other tactics.

What is human trafficking example?

Examples of human trafficking and slavery Adults and children can be trafficked or enslaved and forced to sell their bodies for sex. People are also trafficked or enslaved for labour exploitation, for example: to work on a farm or factory. to work in a house as a servant, maid or nanny.