What are the common problems with Peugeot 308?

What are the common problems with Peugeot 308?

Peugeot 308 Common Problems and Solutions

  • Stuck in 5th Gear. Problem:
  • Overheating Engine. Problem:
  • Oil Warning Light. Problem:
  • Starting problems. Problem:
  • Car pulling to the left side. Problem:
  • Anti pollution warning message. Problem:
  • Turbo problems. Problem:
  • Fan Constantly Running. Problem:

Is Peugeot 308 a good car?

The 308 scored a middling reliability score in our most recent survey, with most major problems revolving around the non-engine electrics. On newer cars, these faults were usually fixed under warranty within a week. It finished in 14th position out of 28 cars in the family car class.

Is Peugeot 308 discontinued?

The Peugeot 308 is skipping a model year, with a scheduled update axed due to a semiconductor shortage. Its replacement is still scheduled for a 2022 launch. The semiconductor shortage has claimed a victim.

Is Peugeot 308 GT line a good car?

the 308 GT-Line offers plenty of kit, and the PureTech engine is ideal if you don’t fancy a diesel. It trails its rivals in terms of dynamic polish, but it’s comfortable and refined. The GT has added a welcome sporty feel to Peugeot’s 308 range, but the 200bhp engine also pushes up the price and running costs.

How many miles will a Peugeot 308 last?

Peugeot diesel engines, specifically the old 1.9-litre turbodiesel, are known to be almost indestructible, but the newer 1.6 should be a solid engine for 300,000km, maybe 400,000km and more.

Are Peugeot diesels reliable?

While Peugeot models have some issues, overall their cars and the brand as a whole are very dependable. Their reliability indexes for their most popular cars are low, though their repair costs can be quite expensive. However, they are still not as expensive as some of their rivals.

Are Peugeot engines reliable?

It has a reliability index of 85, with the main problem being the engine which accounts for 23.08% of all issues.

Is there a new Peugeot 308 coming out?

The new PEUGEOT 308 HYBRID & 308 launches at the beginning of 2022, key dates for this model are: Configure and reserve for cash purchases now. Price and specification guide available now. Configure and reserve with finance now​

Where is Peugeot 308 made?

The 308 is manufactured in France at the Mulhouse and Sochaux factories. It is also manufactured in Kaluga, Russia, for the local market, since 2010, and El Palomar, Argentina, for the South American market since 2012.

Does a Peugeot 308 have a timing belt or chain?

The 1.4-litre petrol engine is chain-driven, but the others need a cambelt replacement every 10 years, or 100-120,000 miles.

How many miles can a Peugeot 308 do?

If you use the engine a lot, the economy figure could drop below that of the 45mpg returned by the 1.2-litre petrol engine. While the official EV range is 37 miles, we found around 30 to be more realistic in real-world driving.

Which is better Peugeot 308 or Ford Focus?

Overall, the Ford Focus is the better car to drive than the 308, then, but it’s beaten in terms of straight line pace and also in-car tech. It also hands down has the higher quality interior, and it also looks much nicer than Focus.