What are the consequences of not following road rules?

What are the consequences of not following road rules?

If you fail to follow traffic laws you are not only putting yourself in a dangerous situation, you are putting others in danger as well. You also take the chance of traffic fines, having your license suspended or revoked or even worse, death.

What is considered dangerous driving Singapore?

Reckless or dangerous driving According to section 64 of the RTA, anyone who drives a motor vehicle recklessly, or at a speed or manner which is dangerous to the public, is guilty of an offence.

What are the consequences of dangerous driving?

The penalties for causing death by dangerous driving are one to 14 years in prison, and a driving ban for a minimum of two years.

Is traffic offence a criminal offence in Singapore?

You committed a serious traffic offence that may have resulted to serious injury or death, and is punishable under the penal code. Serious traffic offences without an offer of composition, especially those resulting to serious injury or death are classified as criminal offences.

What is the penalty for failing to stop after an accident?

Failing to stop after an accident is a serious offence that can attract penalty points as well as a financial penalty. In extreme cases, the courts may decide to impose a disqualification from driving and a term of up to 6 months’ imprisonment.

What is the punishment for failing to stop at an accident?

It is an offence to fail to stop at the scene of an accident, this offence carries a maximum penalty of 6 months imprisonment. The law requires you to stop at the scene of a motoring accident and exchange your correct personal details.

Is dangerous driving a criminal offence?

Typically just criminal offences that carry a prison sentence go on a criminal record, although there are some exceptions. The following are motoring offences that are imprisonable and will go on a criminal record: Dangerous driving. Drink driving.

What happens if you are charged with careless driving?

A careless driving charge can also lead to a driving ban if you have too many points on your licence. If you are handed further penalty points for careless driving, this may tip you over the 12-point limit. When this happens, you automatically receive a six-month driving disqualification.

What is the penalty for careless driving?

Basic cases of careless driving will not result in a driving ban. Most people receive three penalty points and a fine. But if your case goes to court, the court can use its discretion to decide what penalty to impose. This might include a driving disqualification.

Can I still drive with 24 demerit points?

Normally, 24 points is the limit before you’ll get your driving license suspended, but probational drivers (who have just gotten their driving license within the past 12 months) and drivers who had just had their driving suspension lifted, can only accumulate up to 12 points within 12 months before their license would …

What happens if you fail to stop?

What happens if you fail to stop for police?

Penalties: Unlimited fine. Community order or up to 6 months’ imprisonment can be imposed. 3 – 9 penalty points or disqualification from driving.

What is the penalty for road-hogging in Singapore?

The right lane (AKA the “over-taking lane”) is intended for vehicles intending to overtake in the traffic; however, slowing down on this lane is considered road-hogging – a common violation in Singapore. Offenders, when caught by the TP, can be fined by as much as $1,000 and/or be made to serve three months of prison time.

What is the basic theory of driving in Singapore?

The “Basic Theory of Driving” handbook is essential reading for all road users in Singapore, which comprise the pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists and drivers. It covers The Highway Code, which includes the traffic rules, traffic regulations, traffic signs and signals, and it aims to educate and promote road safety for the road users.

What are the consequences of not obeying traffic rules?

This is the dread of every road user and can be avoided if the correct measures are taken.When accidents happen, people are usually left injured and in some severe cases,might result to the death of one or more of the victims. In fact, in the best cases the cars spoilt and this is one of the severe consequences of not obeying traffic rules.

What are the problems of traffic safety?

The fact that many drivers don’t pay heed to the traffic become a tradition and is really affecting the safety of the general road users. Many drivers exhibit impatient and lack of attention while on the wheels and would want to pass through any little space irrespective of the other cars.