What are the examples of monopolist here in the Philippines?

What are the examples of monopolist here in the Philippines?


  • 1 Sugar industry.
  • 2 Coconut industry.
  • 3 Logging concessions.
  • 4 Electricity.
  • 5 Cigarette industry.
  • 6 Broadcast media.
  • 7 Publishing.
  • 8 See also.

What are some examples of monopolistic competition?

Hair salons, restaurants, clothing, and consumer electronics are all examples of industries with monopolistic competition. Each company offers products that are similar to others in the same industry. However, they can distinguish themselves through marketing and branding.

Is Meralco a monopolistic competition?

Meralco, the country’s biggest power distributor, has a monopoly in Manila and nearby provinces—a catchment area of 25 million people, or one in four Filipinos.

Is Manila Water a monopoly?

Unlike most companies which have to compete with other firms—which drives them to become more efficient and to come up with better products and services—Manila Water and Maynilad Water are monopolies.

Is Facebook a monopoly?

Fifth, the glue that holds it all together is Facebook’s monopoly over data. Its ownership and control of the personal information of Facebook users and nonusers alike is unmatched. With that control the social-media giant can manipulate our thoughts, votes and purchase decisions.

Is Nike a monopolistic competition?

Nike, Adidas, Reebok and many other brands all sell basketball shoes at approximately the same price. Therefore, a Monopolistic Competition exists when there are many producers selling similar products to many consumers in a given market and no one company has total control and dominance.

Which of the following is the best example of monopolistic competition?

3 Examples of Monopolistic Competition Grocery stores: Grocery stores exist within a monopolistic market as there are a large number of firms that sell many of the same goods but with distinct branding and marketing. Hotels: Hotels offer a prime example of monopolistic competition.

Is Microsoft a monopoly?

Microsoft is the world’s leading operating system producer and holds a large monopoly on a worldwide scale. Other products that they own include operating systems for mobile phones, gaming console (Xbox), and software development tools.

Is grab a monopoly?

Monopoly. Today, as the PCC warned, Grab became the lone ride-hailing company in the Philippine market overnight and commuters are now feeling the pinch.

Is MWSS a monopoly?

As waterworks is a form of “natural monopoly” allowed by law through regulation, East Zone concessionaire Manila Water is subject to the extensive oversight and regulation by the MWSS in operating within 23 areas including Makati, Mandaluyong, Pasig, Pateros, San Juan, Taguig, Marikina, parts of Quezon City, Manila.

Is PLDT a monopoly?

Globe Telecom and PLDT compete with each other in providing telephone landlines and mobile phone services. They are not monopolies but possess billions that enable them to dominate the telecom industry that is open to other players.

What is an example of monopolistic competition?

Example 1 – Fast Food Company The Fast Food companies like the McDonald and Burger King who sells the burger in the market are the most common type of example of monopolistic competition. The two companies mentioned above sell an almost similar type of products but are not the substitute of each other.

What is an example of monopoly in the Philippines?

One firm ; unique product ; with no close substitutes ; much control over price ; price maker ; entry is blocked ; mostly public relation advertising. The Meralco Electric Company is a perfect example of Monopoly in the Philippines. The only supplier of electricity in our country Birth of Meralco in 1903.

What is a monopolistic market?

A market that has a Monopolistic structure can be seen as a mixture between a monopoly and perfect competition. Whilst monopoly and perfect competition are at completely different ends of the spectrum; monopolistic competition is somewhere in between.

Why do firms have low market power in monopolistic competition?

It is also important to highlight that in monopolistic competition, firms actually have very low market power. Firms have little ability to set prices and are instead ‘price takers’ which means they have to follow industry norms.