What are the holders on the back of phones called?

What are the holders on the back of phones called?

What are PopSockets? PopSockets are expanding grips and stands that attach to most phones, tablets, and cases.

How do PopSocket mounts work?

The PopSockets mount makes it easy. Simply attach it to any surface — including your dashboard, bathroom mirror, locker, backsplash, or refrigerator — and slide your PopSockets grip into it. The mount attaches to surfaces with a single-use 3M VHB adhesive and can be removed with fishing line or dental floss.

Are PopSockets compatible with all phones?

PopSockets stick to most every case! In our experience, the only cases they don’t stick to are (i) silicone cases; (ii) most waterproof cases; and (iii) any sort of heavily textured case (like one covered with rhinestones). 6 of 6 found this helpful.

Where do I put my PopSocket mount?

Placing your PopSocket in the center of your phone is one of the most popular positions. This placement is great for watching videos, texting, and taking selfies. Be aware if you have a larger mobile device because placing the PopSocket too high can make it difficult to text one-handed.

Where do you put a PopSocket?

What is a PopSocket phone case?

A Pop Socket is an accessory that sticks to the back of some sort of electronic device, most commonly a cell phone or tablet. It looks like a small button or sticker. When the Pop Socket is collapsed, it sticks flat to the phone. However, its accordion-like design enables it to expand for use.

How do you hold your phone with PopSocket?

Get a Better Grip With a PopSocket, you can easily hold your phone one-handed, no matter how large your phone is. Simply slip two fingers on the grip, and you’ll find that you can comfortably hold your phone without worrying about dropping it.

How much weight can a PopSocket hold?

In our findings, the brand new PopSocket was able to hold three pounds of sand overnight.

How do you take off a PopSocket and put it on another phone?

What to Know

  1. Collapse the sticky PopSocket so it’s flat against your device.
  2. Move your fingernail underneath and around the disc to pry it away from the device.
  3. Carefully pull the PopSocket away from your device. Move it to a new device within 15 minutes.