What are the job duties of a forklift driver?

What are the job duties of a forklift driver?

Forklift Operator responsibilities include: Unloading materials and merchandise from incoming vehicles and stacking them to assigned places. Locating and moving stock of products to pallets or crates for storage or shipment. Identifying damages and report shortages or quality deficiencies.

What is the main purpose of a warehouse?

The most common function of a warehouse is to act as a storage space for inventory items, equipment or others. Inventory warehouses often contain a large number of shelves or storage containers and may have a computerized tracking inventory system to assist in tracking the items contained in the warehouse.

What are the objectives of warehouse?

Objectives of the Warehousing:Maximum use of space.Ready access to all items.Efficient movement of goods.Effective utilization of labour & equipment’s.Maximum protection of items.Good-house-keeping.

What is effective warehousing?

Effective warehouse management can be summed up in three words – Control, Co-ordinate, Communicate. Warehouses communicate with multiple retail outlets down the chain, and multiple supply centers up the chain.

What are the types of warehousing?

Here’s a quick look at some types of warehouses to consider!Public Warehouses. Public warehouses are owned by governmental bodies and made available to private sector companies. Private Warehouses. Bonded Warehouses. Smart Warehouses. Consolidated Warehouses. Cooperative Warehouses. Government Warehouses. Distribution Centers.