What are the roles of regional commissioner?

What are the roles of regional commissioner?

“Regional Commissioner” means the public officer appointed or deemed to have been appointed and carrying on functions in accordance with section 4; “urban authority” means a town council, a municipal council or a city council.

What is regional commissioner?

Regional Commissioner means a person appointed as a Regional Commissioner of Income Tax under section 208 and includes a Director-General of Income Tax and Sales Tax.” Sample 1.

Who is Dar es Salaam regional commissioner?

Amos Makalla
Dar es Salaam

Dar es-Salaam Dar
Zone Coastal Indian Ocean
Districts hide List Ilala Kigamboni Kinondoni Ubungo Temeke
• Regional Commissioner Amos Makalla

Who is the district commissioner in Tanzania?

PRESIDENT Samia Suluhu Hassan on Saturday appointed 139 district commissioner in a fresh shake-up that is predominated by majority youth.

Who is the head of all civil servants at the regional level in Tanzania?

At the district level, there is the district commissioner as the principal assistant to the regional commissioner at that level and the district administrative secretary as the head of the civil service.

Who is the regional commissioner of Arusha?

Mr John Mongella
The Arusha Regional Commissioner Mr John Mongella paid a courtesy on the President of the African Court Hon.

Who is regional commissioner Tanga?

Martin Shigela
Tanga Region is one of Tanzania’s 31 administrative regions. The regional capital is the municipality of Tanga city….Tanga Region.

Tanga Region Mkoa wa Tanga (Swahili)
Capital Tanga
Districts show List
• Regional Commissioner Martin Shigela

Who is regional administrative secretary in Tanzania?

Hassan Abbas Rungwa
A statement from the state house detailed that the president has also appointed Hassan Abbas Rungwa, former Nachigwea’s District Executive Director to be the new Dar es Salaam regional administrative secretary.

Who is the regional commissioner of Dodoma?

Dr. Benelith Mahenge
German Embassy Dar es Salaam – Regional Commissioner of Dodoma, Dr. Benelith Mahenge | Facebook.

Who is the head of all civil servants in a region?

How many districts are in Tanzania?


Subdivisions of Tanzania
Location Tanzania
Subdivisions Region (31) District (169) Division Ward (Urban) > Street Ward (Rural) > Village > Hamlet

How many districts are in Arusha region?

Arusha Region is divided into one city and six districts, each administered by a council.