What are the swimming age groups?

What are the swimming age groups?

USA Swimming has established four unisex age-groups based on chronological age (CA): 10 years & under, 11-12 years, 13-14 years, and 15 years & over. FINA also combined multiple CAs into groups at the 2nd FINA World Youth Swimming Championships: ages 14-17 years for girls and ages 15-18 for boys.

How fast should a 14 year old swim 50m?

The average time for a 50 freestyle for 14 year olds, considering fast and slow athletes, should be around 30 seconds.

What do the USA Swimming time standards mean?

LCM- Means Long Course Meters such as the Mercer in IA City during the summer (50 Meters) What are USA Swimming Time Standards? The letters refer to the time standards that are used to place swimmers in terms of how fast they swim.

What is a AAAA time in swimming?

AAAA (AAAA Cut) Is a time classification for a swimmer or a swim. It is faster than the AAA time standard and is the fastest typically listed in times standards. A-Meet A swim meet that requires swimmers to have previously swam an A time standard in events they wish to enter.

How far should a 10 year old be able to swim?

The national curriculum for primary schools states that children should be able to swim competently over a distance of 25 metres. But the association’s annual census, based on a survey of primaries, found that 45 per cent of seven to 11-year-olds were unable to do this unaided.

What is a fast 50 free time?

An average time would probably be around 40–45 seconds give or take. And lastly a good freestyle time would be 35 or below. Anything below 30 would be objectively pretty quick and if your time is that fast you should get into some competitions!

What is a good 50 free time for high school?

What’s a good 50 meter freestyle swim time for a high schooler? – Quora. I think that a good time for a 50 meter freestyle would be at least below 32 seconds for a highschooler who is a competitive swimmer… an average time would be from 35–38 seconds. Well for me my best timing in 50m freestyle was 34 when I was 14.

What does cut slower than B mean in swimming?

If a meet is not approved, the times cannot be used for qualification. B (B Cut) Is a classification for a swimmer or a swim. National Age Group Time Standard B time is faster than the C time standard and slower than the BB time standard. BB (B Cut) Is a classification for a swimmer or a swim.

What does slower than B mean in swimming?

Swimmers who have never done an event and do not have a time (NT) are considered a C swimmer, or slower than B. The short course time standards are for all events done in a short course yards pool (25 yards long).

How far can 7 year old swim?

How far should a 12 year old be able to swim?

These results suggest that the average age of children achieving the Benchmark skills ranges from 8.9 years to 10.5 years. Analysis of 12 year olds suggest that 60% can swim 50m freestyle and backstroke, 76% can swim 25m survival backstroke, and 32% can tread/scull for at least two minutes.