What are the two major newspapers in Detroit?

What are the two major newspapers in Detroit?

The Detroit News is one of the two major newspapers in the U.S. city of Detroit, Michigan….The Detroit News.

The December 28, 2009, front page of The Detroit News
Type Daily newspaper
Founded 1873
Headquarters 160 West Fort Street Detroit, Michigan 48226 United States

What is Detroit’s newspaper called?

The Detroit News
The Detroit News is one of the two major newspapers in the United States city of Detroit, Michigan, the other being the Detroit Free Press. The paper began in 1873 when it rented space in the rival Free Press’s building.

Does Detroit Free Press still print?

Our online site’s home page, section fronts and advertising products will remain accessible to anyone, even without a subscription. Some content is designated for subscribers only. We will continue to sell single copy print editions of the newspaper at retail outlets.

What is the largest newspaper in Michigan?

The Flint Journal
Top 30 newspapers in Michigan

Rank Outlet Location
1 The Flint Journal Grand Rapids, MI
2 Detroit Free Press Detroit, MI
3 Detroit News Detroit, MI
4 WMYD-TV (Southfield, MI) Southfield, MI

Who is the editor of The Detroit News?

Gary Miles
Gary Miles was named Editor and Publisher of The Detroit News on May 10, 2019, the first Michigan native to lead the newsroom since 1986. Previously, Gary served as managing editor for five years and in various other editing roles at The News since 2000.

What is the difference between Detroit News and Detroit Free Press?

The Free Press is owned by Gannett and is the larger of Metro Detroit’s two major dailies (the other being the Detroit News) and has received eight Pulitzer Prizes. Editorially, the Free Press is considered to be more liberal than The Detroit News.

What is the difference between Detroit news and Detroit Free Press?

Does the Detroit News print a Sunday paper?

Monday through Saturday Detroit News and Sunday Free Press access to the e-Edition, an exact digital replica of the print edition.

Who started the Detroit Free Press?

Sheldon McKnight
Detroit Free Press, daily newspaper, one of the most widely circulated in the United States, published in Detroit, Michigan. Founded by Sheldon McKnight, The Democratic Free Press and Michigan Intelligencer was first published in 1831 when Detroit was a small frontier town.

What is the difference between the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press?

What is Detroit’s largest newspaper?

The Detroit Free Press
The Detroit Free Press is the largest daily newspaper in Detroit, Michigan, US. The Sunday edition is titled the Sunday Free Press. It is sometimes referred to as the Freep (reflected in the paper’s web address, www.freep.com). It primarily serves Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw, and Monroe counties.

Who is the editor of the Detroit Free Press?

Peter Bhatia
Detroit Free Press

On Guard for 191 Years
Format Broadsheet
Owner(s) Gannett (Detroit Media Partnership)
President Timothy Gruber
Editor Peter Bhatia

What are the old daily newspapers in Detroit?

Michigan Christian Herald (Detroit) 1902-1910 w Detroit Critic 1891-1uuu w, also as Sunday Morning Detroit Critic 189u-1uuu Michigan Free Democrat 1852-18uu w merges with Detroit Daily Democrat 185y-1855 d merges with Detroit Daily Democrat and Inquirer 1855-1856 d

What does the city of Detroit do to support Detroit’s youth?

The City of Detroit supports Detroit’s youth by combining resources from community partners, businesses, and the City to create opportunity and pathways for success.

How do I Find my Family History in Detroit?

Look up every issue of Detroit historic newspapers to find news stories, obituaries, marriage records, and birth records to fill in the gaps of your knowledge regarding your family surname history. Build the branches of your family tree. Discover Members of your extended family. Find stories about the lives of unknown ancestors.

Why are there so many mistakes in Detroit historic records?

Many records contain minimal information, or they were recorded via an oral interaction. This could lead to spelling mistakes or outright incorrect statements. Unfortunately, there was extraordinarily little auditing of obituaries, death notices, and news stories in Detroit historic newspapers.