What are Untappd badges?

What are Untappd badges?

Badges are digital awards that you unlock for completing certain actions within the Untappd app. Our newest additions offer three more awards to unlock, whether it’s by visiting your breakfast venue or campground or drinking a wit, weiss, or weizen beer.

Who owns Untappd?

Greg Avola

Type of business Social networking service
Founded October 22, 2010
Headquarters Wilmington, North Carolina
Owner Next Glass
Key people Greg Avola Tim Mather Ty Graham Kurt Taylor Trace Smith

How much is Untappd worth?

Estimated Revenue & Financials Untappd’s estimated annual revenue is currently $13.5M per year. (?)

Is Untappd free?

Untappd – Drink Socially – Free iOS and Android App.

How many unique beers are on Untappd?

49,000 unique beers
Shifting to raw numbers, let’s look at the sheer numbers of data coming in with each check-in. At the time of this article, we see that ~49,000 unique beers, by 38,000 breweries from 187 different countries have been checked in since April 1st, 2020.

How does Untappd make money?

As a publishing platform, Untappd’s revenue was based upon integrated advertising techniques, such as “sponsored badges” that app users could earn for using the platform and for instance trying out five different IPAs. The company also does in-app promotions with festivals throughout the world.

How does Untappd work?

Untappd’s functionality is fairly simple. Users share what they’re drinking along with (optionally) their location, comments, and / or a photograph. Their friends are then able to see and comment on the beers which they have checked-in.

Does Untappd make money?

How do you get verified on Untappd?

Venue pages on Untappd can become Verified if the venue has a business relationship with Untappd. This is done by having an Untappd for Business subscription. Verified Venues can list their menu, local badges, events, and other information about their venue that other unverified venues cannot.

What is the point of Untappd?

Untappd is primarily a social media app for beer, but it also includes beer menus and, unlike DigitalPour, bottle and can lists. The primary use of Untappd is to check-in the beers that you try. You can rate them, take photos of them, and comment on the beer.

What is a good rating on Untappd?

Looking at the same Untappd/engagement data from a different angle, are breweries with higher ratings likely to give higher levels of engagement? The answer is yes. Breweries rated 4-4.43 provide high engagement 6 percent more frequently than breweries rated 2.47-3.49.

How do I claim a venue on Untappd?

Untappd uses Foursquare for all venue information….Add A Venue

  1. Create a Foursquare account (If you don’t have one already.)
  2. Create the venue via their Mobile App or via the Web at https://foursquare.com/add-place.
  3. Check into the location on Foursquare.

What is Uber’s new logo?

Within 24 hours, they changed their name to Uber. The new logo is a modification of its already established wordmark by taking away the serifs from the ‘U’ and ‘R’, adding thickness to the letters, adjusting the kerning, putting in rounded corners and putting slants on the ends of the ‘E’.

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Uber was first founded in 2009 by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick under the name UberCab. At the time, Camp had recently spent $800 hiring a private car to transport him and his friends on New Year’s Eve, and he was trying to figure out a way he could make the service more affordable to the average person.