What car restoration shows are on TV?

What car restoration shows are on TV?

Tv-shows about cars

  • Fast N’ Loud (2012– ) TV-14 | 60 min | Adventure, Comedy, Reality-TV.
  • Graveyard Carz (2011– ) TV-14 | 60 min | Reality-TV.
  • Misfit Garage (2014– ) TV-14 | Reality-TV.
  • Fat N’ Furious: Rolling Thunder (2014– )
  • Bitchin’ Rides (2014– )
  • Mobsteel (2015– )
  • FantomWorks (2013–2019)
  • Counting Cars (2012– )

What shows are on Discovery Velocity?

Featured Shows

  • All Girls Garage.
  • Barrett-Jackson Live.
  • Barrett-Jackson Live From Mohegan Sun.
  • Car Fix.
  • What’s My Car Worth?

Is FantomWorks Cancelled?

The shop will continue to build cars for years to come but the show called FantomWorks will conclude. Our weekly tours will continue as they have since long before the show began. A few weeks back, the network officially posted the cancellation of our television show.

Is Phantom Works still in business?

and even though the show is no longer running, the garage is still up and running. FantomWorks is the largest auto restoration shop in the U.S. Dan Short is the owner of this gorgeous workshop. He fell in love with cars when he first laid eyes on a 1967 Camaro.

Who is the best custom car builder on TV?

More videos on YouTube Richard Rawlings is one of the most famous custom car builders on TV and as well as being the head honcho of Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, he’s the star of Fast ‘n’ Loud, one of the best custom car TV shows on the Discovery Channel.

Where can I watch American cars?

Watch American Auto Streaming Online | Hulu (Free Trial)

What is on Velocity channel?

Velocity is a channel focused primarily on cars and other automotives, it features shows such as Graveyard Carz, where they fix Mopar cars (sometimes even just building completely new cars inside the Mopar mold!), Americarna, which follows Ray Evernham, a NASCAR championship-winning crew chief, through the history of …

Who owns FantomWorks?

Dan Short
FantomWorks, also known as DRS Automotive, is located in Norfolk, VA, and owned by Dan Short, who served 24 years in the army as a member of the 5th Special Forces Group Airborne.

Does Fantom work sell cars?

1. Does FantomWorks sell cars? The vehicles restored at FantomWorks are customer owned. Each customer has either purchased or already owns their classic vehicle before bringing it to us for restoration.

Why was FantomWorks Cancelled?

22 FantomWorks Nearly Ended In 2012 Due To Lawsuits The customer thought that the vehicle would cost only $2,000 USD when it ended up costing $6,000 USD. The case lasted two years, but they cleared Short and he won the case.

What is Heather storm up to these days?

In addition to her time on “Garage Squad,” Heather Storm has been a long-time actress, producer, fitness trainer, model, and businesswoman. She co-founded and serves as CEO for a beverage and boutique event company called Black LAB Ventures, which has been going strong since 2011.

Does restoration increase the value of classic cars?

Since cars are not built to last forever, people have started looking to restoration to try and pump new life into their old vehicles. In most instances, this even ends up improving the value of classic cars.

Did you know Fantomworks has a reality TV show on velocity?

You may or may not know that FantomWorks has a reality television show on Velocity. Follow along with our frustrations and triumphs of classic car restoration. Here you will find the vehicles we worked on for each season of the show, meet our crew, get a behind the scenes look, and learn how to submit your request to have your vehicle on the show.

Why buy from velocity?

A showcase of our classic cars and trucks available for sale, all restored to the highest quality by our professional and experienced team. Each restoration has hundred upon thousands of working hours put into them, ensuring every detail is crafted to perfection. At Velocity, there is no average – only the best.

What is the best TV show for car restoration?

Top Car TV Shows about Car Restoration. 1 1. Street Outlaws. Street Outlaws is a show that follows some of Oklahoma’s finest street racers as they compete in Oklahoma. These racers put their 2 2. Fast N’ Loud. 3 3. Counting Cars. 4 4. Top Gear. 5 5. Graveyard Carz.