What colors can fancy rats be?

What colors can fancy rats be?

Pet rats come in many different coat colors. The AFRMA recognizes 40 distinct colors, including beige, champagne, chocolate, platinum, black-eyed white, pink-eyed white, silver black, silver lilac, hooded, Dalmatian, and many more. Eye colors include black, dark ruby, ruby, light ruby, red, and pink.

What Colours do rats come in?

Solid Colors

  • Mink: Soft grey.
  • Black: Jet black.
  • Pink-Eyed White: Solid white with pink eyes, commonly mistaken as an albino.
  • Champagne: Soft cream or off-white.
  • Dove: Very pale grey.
  • Blue: Soft pale blue.
  • Powder Blue: Pale blue/brown.

What Colour is a wild rat?

Esthetically, wild rats are usually the dominant brown color with rare variations. Extensive breeding of fancy rats means there are dozens of color varieties, and even physical quirks like the comical ears of Dumbo rats and the missing tail of Manx rats.

What type of rat is GREY?

Norway rats
Gray rats, formally called Norway rats or Rattus norvegicus, don’t have many admirers among people. Norway rats live in close proximity to humans and are responsible for the spread of several types of diseases. Once the rats enter an area, the population can grow quickly.

What is a pearl rat?

Genetically, Pearls are Mink (mm) (Cinnamon Pearls are also mm) rats heterozygous for the Pearl gene (Pepe). Pearl is a lethal dominant which means that rats that have two doses (that is homozygous) of Pearl, either die in utero or possibly very shortly after birth.

What is a roan rat?

Roans are born solid coloured, but from the age of about 4-6 weeks they start to exhibit roaning. This is a steady increase in the number of white hairs intermingled with the solid colour, starting with the face, sides and tail root on the juvenile, then working its way up to the nape of the neck with the moult.

What is a Harlequin rat?

The Harlequin phenomenon consists of a sudden change in skin colour, resulting in two different body colours, one on each half of the body. Impaired stimulus-induced skin wrinkling. Inflammatory abnormality of the skin + Positive pathergy test. Pruritus +

What color are dumbo rats?

Appearance & Varieties There are two primary color types found in dumbo rats: agouti and black. Agouti means they have three different tones on each individual hair, which often combines to give them a gray or brownish coloring. However, agouti dumbos can also be found in cinnamon and fawn.

What is the largest breed of rat?

Gambian pouched rat
Description. The Gambian pouched rat is native to Africa and is the world’s largest rat, reaching up to 9 pounds. The average size is 3 pounds, measuring 20-35 inches from the head to the tip of the tail.

Are wild rats GREY and white?

There are many different types and can come in a variety of colours; unlike wild rats, which are mostly brown or grey for camouflage. Due to our care pet rats live longer than wild ones, living approximately two years.

Can wild rats be white and gray?

Many of these rats are brown, but others are tan, beige, gray and black. One popular domesticated rat is the pink-eyed white rat, which has been commonly bred since the 19th century. In the wild, most rats have the same colored fur. Brown and black are the two most common colors for wild rats.

What does sewer rats look like?

Also known as brown rats or sewer rats, these pests can grow to 15 inches in length from nose to tail. They have stiff, dark gray or brown fur and scaly tails to go with their hairless ears. Their bellies are normally lighter in color, while their tails are usually brown or pink.