What country is burek from?

What country is burek from?

Central AsiaBörek / Place of origin

Slavic Cuisine Burek, or Börek is made with phyllo pastry and filled with meat or cheese. Burek originated in Central Asia. Then it was adopted by the Ottoman Turks and spread through their military empire. Other variations of burek exist in North Africa, namely in Tunisia and Algiers.

Are Boreks healthy?

Borek or Burek is definitely a dish that must be eaten in moderation as it is dense with calories coming from fats and carbs. If you look at the ingredient list, you can see many sheets of phyllo pastry and tons of different types of cheeses which are packed with calories coming from fats and carbs.

Where does the word burek come from?

According to the Austrian Turcologist, Andrea Tietze, ‘börek’ comes from the Persian ‘bûrak’, which referred to any dish made with yufka. This, in turn, probably came from the Turkic root, bur-, meaning ‘to twist’ – an allusion to the way thin sheets of dough had to be manipulated to produce a layered effect.

What is Croatia burek?

In general, burek is a family of baked filled pastries made of thin flaky dough known as phyllo (or jufka) of Anatolian origins and also found in the cuisines of the Balkans, Levant, Mediterranean, and other countries in Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Which countries eat burek?

Round burek filled with minced meat is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Slovenia.

What is pide and börek?

As nouns the difference between borek and pide is that borek is while pide is turkish flatbread traditionally prepared during ramadan.

Who invented Burek?

Mehmed Oğlu
The recipe for “round” burek was developed in the Serbian town of Niš. In 1498, it was introduced by a famous Turkish baker, Mehmed Oğlu from Istanbul. Eventually burek spread from the southeast (southern Serbia, Kosovo and North Macedonia) to the rest of Yugoslavia.

How many calories Burek?


Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 2 pcs (200g)
How many calories are in Burek Filled with Cheese? Amount of calories in Burek Filled with Cheese: Calories 428.3 Calories from Fat 210 (49%)
% Daily Value *
How much fat is in Burek Filled with Cheese? Amount of fat in Burek Filled with Cheese: Total Fat 23.3g

What countries eat burek?

Is burek only with meat?

A borek may be prepared in a large pan and cut into portions after baking, or as individual pastries. They are usually baked but some varieties can be fried….Börek.

Spinach borek
Alternative names Burek, börek, bourekas, boreg, byrek
Variations Meat, potatoes, leafy greens, cheese, eggplant, mushrooms

What’s the national dish of Croatia?

National Dish of Croatia – Istrian Yota.

When was Byrek invented?

There is some history that indicates that the burek pastry was first used during the early Ottoman Empire in 1500 CE Istanbul, from whence it moved across Europe (and became pastries such as Hungarian retes and Austrian strudel and many others pastry-like foods).

What is Boureki called in Greek?

In Greece, boureki (μπουρέκι [buˈreki]) or bourekaki (μπουρεκάκι [bureˈkaki], the diminutive form of the word), and Cyprus poureki (πουρέκι, in the Greek dialects of the island) are small pastries made with phyllo dough or with pastry crust. Pastries in the börek family are also called pita (pie): tiropita, spanakopita and so on.

What is a Boureki made of?

In our easy boureki recipe, layers of thin slices of zucchini and potatoes alternate with a layer of finely chopped fresh herbs. Some call this a chaniotiko boureki – boureki from Chania. Creamy minty goat cheese sauce and little rivers of bright orange tomato-tinted oil pool on the plate around it.

What is a Chaniotiko Boureki?

Some call this a chaniotiko boureki – boureki from Chania. Creamy minty goat cheese sauce and little rivers of bright orange tomato-tinted oil pool on the plate around it. The potato slices are silky in the mouth, the zucchini tender. This favorite of Crete recipes centers around a Cretan product – a soft goat cheese called myzithra.

Is Boureki the same as Piroski?

In Venetian Corfu, boureki was also called burriche, and filled with meat and leafy greens. The Pontian Greek piroski (πιροσκί) derives its name from borek too. It is almost identical in name and form to pirozhki (Russian: пирожки), which is of Slavic origin, and popular in Russia and further east.