What country is Lasko?

What country is Lasko?


Laško Tüffer
Coordinates: 46°9′22.69″N 15°14′19.02″E
Country Slovenia
Traditional region Styria
Statistical region Savinja

What does it mean Lasko?

Greek: nickname for a work-weary person, from laskos, from Italian lasco ‘loose’.

Where is Lasko beer from?

Laško Brewery (Slovene: Pivovarna Laško) is the largest brewery in Slovenia. It is located in Laško and named after the town name.

Where are Lasko fans manufactured?

Lasko builds the fans at plants in Franklin, Tennessee and Fort Worth. Lasko has been manufacturing products in the U.S. for the past 115 years after starting as a small shop in Philadelphia in 1906.

Who owns Lasko?

–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lasko Holdings, Inc., the largest provider of portable fans and heaters in the United States, today announced that Comvest Partners (“Comvest”) and JW Levin Management Partners (“JWLMP”) are acquiring the company. The Lasko family will continue as an investor in the company.

Where is Lasko fans made?

“As a storied American-made brand, Lasko remains committed to supporting American workers with continued domestic fan production at our plants in Franklin, Tennessee and Fort Worth, Texas.”

Who makes Lasko?

What is the most popular beer in Croatia?

Ožujsko is the most popular beer in Croatia, with 10 bottles being consumed every second. It has been produced since 1892. The main factory is in Zagreb. As of 2012, the Ožujsko brand is now part of the MolsonCoors brewing company.

What company owns Lasko?

Is Lasko made in China?

Lasko is proud to be an American made company, established in the same city where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Where are Lasko fans made?

Who manufactures Lasko?

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