What did Edgefield used to be?

What did Edgefield used to be?

In 1964, the main lodge was renamed Edgefield and became a nursing home, the first in Oregon to offer physical rehabilitation. It served in that capacity until 1982, when the buildings were closed and all but abandoned.

Is Edgefield kid friendly?

Children age six and under stay free.

Where is the original McMenamins?

Mike and Brian McMenamin opened their first brewpub in 1983 in Portland, Ore.

What is the Hammerhead package McMenamins?

Named after McMenamins signature Hammerhead Ale, this package includes dinner and breakfast for two at the Ironwork Grill. Guests are credited $60 to be spent at their discretion on dinner and drinks, plus a $30 credit for breakfast.

When was McMenamins Edgefield built?

1911McMenamins Edgefield / Year built

How do you spell McMenamins?

McMenamins Pub at Kalama Harbor LodgeAt Kalama Harbor Lodge.

How much is McMenamins worth?

That’s been the McMenamins’ MO ever since they got into the tavern business 31 years ago. Now they have 50 locations across Oregon and Washington–including a few hotels, theaters and restaurants. They’ve racked up 20 straight years of profits and last year netted $1.2 million pretax on $72 million in sales.

Does McMenamins have WiFi?

McMenamins all have good WiFi – you can definitely “work from home” during your day-cation. You will have access in both the common areas and hotel rooms. Many even have WiFi that reaches outside seating areas and fire pits.

How did Edgefield become a historical landmark?

In the early 1990s, Edgefield became a historical landmark and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. During this time the McMenamins brothers purchased the land and its buildings from the county. The McMenamins restored the surrounding buildings and recreational areas at Edgefield.

Where to eat at McMenamins Edgefield?

A fun location for lunch or dinner, the Power Station Theater & Pub is one of many dining spots at McMenamins Edgefield, a 74-acre hotel estate located in Troutdale, Oregon. Dating back to 1911, the property began life as the Multnomah County Poor Farm.

What happened in Room 215 of Edgefield?

As a poor house, Edgefield saw hundreds and hundreds of people in its day. According to Portland locals, after the McMenamins bought Edgefield they performed a “spirit” cleansing. A spirit cleansing is a way to get rid of evil spirits but during the cleansing they found something strange– animal bones in room 215.

What is Edgefield and Wellington County?

The Wellington County House of Industry and Refuge became a museum in 1975 where it can still be visited today. Edgefield, or Multnomah County Poor Farm, helped Portland and the surrounding cities with their poor population for most of the early twentieth century.