What did James Hunt do After racing?

What did James Hunt do After racing?

James Simon Wallis Hunt (29 August 1947 – 15 June 1993) was a British racing driver who won the Formula One World Championship in 1976. After retiring from racing in 1979, Hunt became a media commentator and businessman. Beginning his racing career in touring car racing, Hunt progressed into Formula Three,…

How good a driver was Jim Hunt?

He was a real top driver at the time.” After winning the world championship in 1976, Hunt inspired many teenagers to take up motor racing, and he was retained by Marlboro to give guidance and support to up and coming drivers in the lower formulae.

How old is James Hunt?

… (Show more) James Hunt, in full James Simon Wallis Hunt, (born August 29, 1947, London, England—died June 15, 1993, London), British race-car driver who won the 1976 Formula One (F1) Grand Prix world championship by one point over his Austrian archrival, Niki Lauda. Hunt began racing his own car in Formula Ford events in 1969.

What car did Jim Hunt drive in F1?

Hunt entered Formula One in 1973, driving a March 731 entered by the Hesketh Racing team. He went on to win for Hesketh, driving their own Hesketh 308 car, in both World Championship and non-championship races, before joining the McLaren team at the end of 1975.

How old was James Hunt when he won the F1 world title?

He was just 45 years old. James had two sons, Tom and Freddie. He was nick-named “Hunt the Shunt”. Formula 1 driver. He won ten of his 92 Grand Prix races during a seven-year F1 career (1973-1979) and took the world title in a McLaren in 1976.

Is James Hunt the real James Hunt?

The real James Hunt is interviewed by Bill Wigmore on Britain’s Today program in 1976, the year he was the Formula One World Champion. Hunt talks about how he got into racing, his life as a Formula One racer, and how he handles the fear of dying on the track.

What happened to James Hunt in the Rush movie?

Although it was not addressed in the Rush movie, Hunt’s win at the British Grand Prix on July 18, 1976 was eventually given to Lauda. After a crash during the race, James Hunt took a shortcut to the pit via an access road, thereby not completing the course.