What did they mine in Pensford?

What did they mine in Pensford?

The area around Pensford has been used for surface extraction of coal for centuries. A series of ring pits were dug in the 18th and 19th century. The colliery opened in 1909 and closed in 1957 and the shaft was only opened in 1911. It was reputedly the first pit to install pit head baths.

When did the last coal mine close in Somerset?

Several pits closed in the 19th century as the coal was worked out. Those that survived until 1947 became part of the National Coal Board, but the expense of improving equipment and working conditions meant that these became uneconomical and the last pit closed in 1973.

What did they mine in Radstock?

Coal mining In 1763, coal was discovered in Radstock and mining began in the area.

Is Bristol a coal mining area?

The Bristol Coalfield is a geologically complex coalfield in the west of England. Comprising the coal-bearing rocks arranged around the Coalpit Heath Syncline and Kingsdown Anticline, it extends beneath the eastern parts of the city of Bristol and northwards through southern Gloucestershire.

Where was Norton Hill Colliery?

The colliery was in the Parish of Midsomer Norton near to and on the Radstock side of the Somerset and Dorset Railway Station. About 40 to 50 years before, it had been worked by a pair of small shafts, 4 feet in diameter which was the practice in Somersetshire at that time.

Where is the Quecreek Mine?

Lincoln TownshipQuecreek Mine rescue / Location

Site, with capped rescue hole (center), in July 2013. Lincoln Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania, U.S. The Quecreek Mine rescue took place in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, when nine miners were trapped underground for over 77 hours, from July 24 to 28, 2002.

Is Midsomer Norton a nice place to live?

Surrounded by beautiful countryside and within easy access of the stunning Mendip Hills, Midsomer Norton is well placed for those looking to pursue leisure activities such as walking, cycling and horse riding.

WHO address is PO Box 1933 Radstock?

PO Box 1933, Radstock BA3 4YF. To the best of our knowledge, this PO box is owned by CFH Docmail Ltd. Note: CFH Docmail is a large mass-mailing company, used by many different organisations to send out transactional and marketing mail.

Where were the coal mines in Bristol?

What was mined in Bristol?

Coal was dug in around Bristol from the sixteenth century and in the 1800s there were pits in Bedminster, Easton, Kingswood and Parkfield. Kingswood miners were often at the forefront of campaigns over living conditions. A strike in 1865 saw some 150 miners win against Brain and Company.

When did Kilmersdon colliery close?

August 1973
The mine was closed in August 1973 and its structures were demolished and its shaft filled and the area was landscaped. Kilmersdon is still home to the estates of Lord Hylton and the Joliffe family.

Is Quecreek mine still operating?

Quecreek Mine was the Somerset County underground mine that in July 2002 was the site of a rescue of nine workers after 77 hours underground. But its supply of coal has been dwindling in recent years. The mine, now owned by Corsa Coal Corp. in Canonsburg, finished up its last reserves in August.