What did William Shatner think of the new Star Trek movies?

What did William Shatner think of the new Star Trek movies?

Shatner said he was “delighted to hear” there’s a new film in the works. Still going strong at 90, he sounded eager to return to the franchise, joking that “We need to see a Prime Kirk 55 years after the fact, and maybe 20 pounds heavier.

Has William Shatner ever watched an episode of Star Trek?

William Shatner admitted that he’s never watched an episode of his hit TV series “Star Trek” on which he played Captain James T. Kirk. The 90-year-old actor told People magazine it’s “too painful” to watch himself in the iconic series that aired from 1966 to 1969. “I have never watched ‘Star Trek’,” Shatner said.

How many episodes was William Shatner in Star Trek?

22 episodes
There was such a high demand for more Star Trek that a new animated series was put together, reuniting most of the original cast members to lend their voices to their now famous characters. The series lasted for two seasons, with Shatner voicing Captain Kirk in all but one of the 22 episodes.

Where can I watch Star Trek Continues?

Star Trek Continues is an American fan-made web series set in the Star Trek universe.

  • The series was fan-created and all episodes were released to watch on YouTube.
  • Are they making more Star Trek movies with Chris Pine?

    New ‘Star Trek’ Movie to Reunite Chris Pine’s Crew The film is due out Dec. 22, 2023.

    Is there ever going to be another Star Trek movie?

    What is the Star Trek 2023 movie? Right now, very little is actually known about the 2023 movie Star Trek movie. Announced in July 2021, the film will be directed by Matt Shakman, produced by J.J. Abrams, and written by Lindsey Beer and Geneva Robertson.

    Who was Captain Kirk before William Shatner?

    James Cawley played Kirk in most of the ten episode Phase II series from its beginning in 2004 before replacing himself with actor Brian Gross. Wired observes that while Cawley’s depiction “lacks Shatner’s vulnerability”, the actor has enough swagger “to be passable in the role”.

    Do they say Star Trek in Star Trek?

    Even when people hear the name of the show pronounced “trek”, they think it’s “Star Track” because that sounds like a reasonable name for a TV show about traveling through outer space, since the primary meanings of the word “track” relate to travel: such as footprints and a path along which one travels.

    Is Star Trek Continues considered canon?

    Star Trek Continues is canon with — Star Trek Continues! Beyond that there is a sort of one-way canon flow. Some or all of canon Star Trek – certainly TOS – is canon within the fictional universe of Star Trek Continues.

    How many Star Trek Continues episodes are there?

    3Star Trek Continues / Number of episodes

    What was William Shatner’s’Star Trek’cancellation like?

    The cancellation of TV’s “Star Trek” in 1969 was “a low point in my life,” Shatner tells USA TODAY. “It was the last chapter as far as I was concerned at that time.

    What is Star Trek Continues?

    “Star Trek: Continues”, a new Trek series, beams down with exciting adventures of the Federation’s most heroic crew led by Captain James T. Kirk. The lighting and color of the highly accurate sets accentuate the equally detailed props and costumes, matching the original series that ran from 1966-69!

    When did William Shatner guest star on Shark Trek?

    – Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek (2021) Self – William Shatner (2021) Self – Episode dated 15 May 2007 (2007) Self – Guest – Episode dated 16 May 2006 (2006)

    How well do you know William Shatner?

    William Shatner. William Shatner has notched up an impressive 50-plus years in front of the camera, displaying heady comedic talent and being instantly recognizable to several generations of cult television fans as the square-jawed Captain James T. Kirk, commander of the starship U.S.S. Enterprise.