What do hips symbolize in the House on Mango Street?

What do hips symbolize in the House on Mango Street?

In the vignette, “Hips”, Sandra Cisneros reveals that maturing into a woman is a big part of a girl’s life. “Hips” shows how young the girls really are. The entire vignette takes place while the girls are jumping rope and making up new songs for their game. Rachel, Lucy, and Esperanza think about who they want to be.

What was Esperanza so angry at?

In chapter 12, Esperanza is so angry about how unfairly the Mexicans are being treated in America. She is mad about: 1. Isabel not getting to be Queen of the May, even though she has the best grades and 2. Miguel having to give up his job at Okies, and being told to dig ditches instead.

What does Esperanza say the Vargas kids dont?

What does Esperanza say the Vargas kids don’t have? (There Was an Old Woman) She says they don’t have respect for themselves or anyone else.

How is Marin like Esperanza grandmother?

Marin, like Esperanza’s great grandmother, had a sack thrown over her head and then carried off to be married. Like a younger version of Esperanza’s great-grandmother, Marin likes to be herself—an individual. She is not yet married, so she lives freely. She smokes cigarettes and dances under the streetlights.

How does Esperanza feel about her house on Mango Street?

The family owns this house, so they are no longer subject to the whims of landlords, and at the old apartment, a nun made Esperanza feel ashamed about where she lived. The house on Mango Street is an improvement, but it is still not the house that Esperanza wants to point out as hers.

What does Esperanza think there is a shortage of on Mango Street?

What does Esperanza think there is a shortage of on Mango Street? Esperanza thinks there is a shortage of sky, butterflies, and flowers.

What does Esperanza say about Ruthie?

Esperanza says that Ruthie is good at many things, but instead of getting a job she got married when she was young. Esperanza can’t understand why Ruthie returned to live on Mango Street with her mother, but Ruthie says she is just waiting for her husband to come and take her away. But he never comes.

Why did Alicia make Esperanza mad?

Esperanza is jealous of Alicia because she has a town to call home, Guadalajara, and she will return there someday. Alicia observes that Esperanza already has a home. But Esperanza shakes her head. She does not want to have lived in the house for a year, or to come from Mango Street.

What does Esperanza mean by everything is holding its breath inside me?

This has the themes of coming of age and true love., which Esperanza is longing for. Cisneros uses figurative language when she says, “ Everything is holding its breath inside me” (Cisneros 73). This is kinesthetic imagery because it evokes the sense of feeling.

What can Esperanza never have too much of?

Darius’s comment impresses Esperanza because he “made it simple.” What can Esperanza “never have too much” of? Esperanza says she can never have too much sky.

Why is Alicia in School House on Mango Street?

Alicia’s mother died, and Alicia is forced to take up many of the chores that her mama used to do, like making the tortillas for the family in the morning. She works hard at school in order to make a better life for herself than the one her mother had.

Why does Rosa Vargas cry every day?

Why does Rosa Vargas cry every day? Why do her children misbehave? She cries because her husband left her with many kids and no money to take care of them. Her kids run wild because they have no discipline.

What does Esperanza mean when she says everything is holding its breath inside me?

Why does Esperanza’s curiosity about Sire make her feel as if “everything is holding its breath inside me?” She desires to feel loved by someone like Sire loves his girlfriend.

Why does Marin live with Louie’s family?

Why is Marin living with Louie’s parents? She is unable to live on her own.

Who is Rapunzel Why would Rafaela wish that she had hair like Rapunzel?

Rapunzel is a fairy tail character. Rafaela wishes to have hair like hers so that she can get out of her house in which her husband has locked her in, and do the things that she wants to do.

What is ironic about Esperanza lying about her age in Peter Pan photo studio?

What is ironic about Esperanza lying about her age to work at “Peter Pan” photo studio? (Hint- it is an allusion) Yes because an allusion can be real or imagery Esperanza’s aunt worked there and could have done the same thing get into a job.

What is waiting to explode like Christmas inside Esperanza?

Everything is waiting to explode like Christmas. I want to be all new and shiny. I want to sit out bad at night, a boy around my neck and the wind under my skirt. As Esperanza becomes more sexually aware, she comes to the attention of Sire, an older boy in the neighborhood.

What literary devices are used in the House on Mango Street?

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  • DRAMATIC IRONY. Example: When Aunt Lupe tells Esperanza that writing will keep her “free,” Esperanza is unaware of what she means, but the readers know that Lupe’s words are true.