What do outlaw biker patches mean?

What do outlaw biker patches mean?

Biker patches are worn by members of motorcycle clubs as a form of message to let people know which clubs they belong to. A three-piece design is often regarded as the outlaw motorcycle club patch. Clubs that have three or more patches are not recognized and do not form part of the American Motorcycle Association.

What do different biker patches mean?

The top patch contains the name of the club, the middle patch often carries the logo of the club, and the bottom rocker indicates the location of the club. A 3-piece patch is also used to signify that the club is not necessarily a 1% club and that the American Motorcycle Association has not sanctioned it.

What’s the difference between MC and RC?

MC: Always show respect to a Patchholder of another club. Even though they are with another club, they earned their patch. RC: Show respect for other people, club or not.

What does 86 mean in the biker world?

Supposedly, during Prohibition, when they were a speakeasy and were raided by the police, the workers would sometimes yell out “86!” meaning to leave the bar via the 86 Bedford Street entrance. (There are about three entrances to the bar, plus a hidden exit.)

What does the 13 in a diamond patch mean?

The letter M, being the 13th letter of the alphabet, often is said to stand for marijuana or motorcycle. Generally, it is assumed someone wearing a 13 patch is either a user of marijuana or other drugs, or is involved with the sale of them. The M also has been known to stand for “methamphetamine”.

Why do outlaw bikers ride Harleys?

The Hells Angels identified with these bikes. They represented freedom, rebellion, and most importantly they were American. The members of this motorcycle club remain loyal to Harley-Davidson.

What is an outlaw motorcycle club?

This delivered normally the one Percenters or Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs. These clubs cut their one piece patches into three to distinguish themselves through the other law-abiding groups.

What type of patches do biker clubs wear?

The type of club a biker belongs to is often identified by a small rectangular or square patch at the back of the vest. Even though some clubs wear three-piece patches, most biker clubs wear two-piece or one-piece patches. However, there is no uniform rule to this and patches can vary from one club to another.

What does a two piece biker patch mean?

A two piece biker patch is used to signify a club which I transition. It means that the members are awaiting approval from the club to become a member of the sanctioned motorcycle club which then earns them the right to wear the three piece patch.

What does it mean to have earned your motorcycle patch?

In the biker world, members of motorcycle clubs are often considered to have “earned” their patch. In other groups such as RCs or riding clubs, patches are sometimes given to members without a strenuous membership process being followed.