What do think makes us free?

What do think makes us free?

Freedom – the power or appropriate to act, talk, or think as one needs without deterrent or restriction. In light of this present, it’s critical to not consider laws and principles as outright laws of nature, yet rather as just thoughts. …

How is freedom abused in this particular event or situation?

Answer. Answer: Freedom is abused when we neglect the freedom of others. They want to do whatever they want with their body because they believe it is their right, but they neglect the right of the baby in their womb.

Is freedom really absolute?

But freedom is not absolute. It is a relative and subjective concept. Freedom cannot be measured, the degree to which a person is or is not free can only be determined through comparison and that comparison is completely subjective.

How do you find freedom in life?

My hope is that they will also help guide you to find your unique path to your best life, freedom, and self-growth.

  1. free yourself from negative thoughts.
  2. let go of relationships that don’t add value.
  3. take time for yourself.
  4. eat healthy without “dieting”
  5. implement a daily routine.
  6. explore the world.

What does freedom mean to you poem?

to me; freedom is equal opportunities. equal reward for all. kinds of potentialities. to me as well as anybody elsewhere. freedom to speak without favor and fear.

What kind of word is freedom?

The state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved. “Having recently been released from prison, he didn’t know what to do with his newfound freedom.” The lack of a specific constraint, or of constraints in general; a state of being free, unconstrained.

In what situation can freedom be abused Brainly?

Answer. The classic example of abuse of freedom is abusing freedom of speech to endanger others by shouting “FIRE!” in a crowded theatre. In general, any freedom can be abused and therefore reasonably be curtailed when it may cause harm to others.

What will happen when freedom is absent?

Answer. If there is unlimited freedom, people will likely do whatever they please, say whatever they want, and war might be endless, on the other hand, if freedom is absent, people might be rebellious to the authority because of lack of freedom.

What is freedom abuse?

1) Abuse of Freedom: Freedom of speech is perhaps one of the most abused freedoms we have. One can indulge in this freedom to the extent of profanity and nudity. But the irony is that, people remain silent about it, encouraging these moral destroyers to abuse the freedom.

Why you should give your child freedom?

Some reasons why parents should give their children a good amount of freedom is trust, kids are more likely to rebel if you don’t, and kids will be negative towards you. Subsequently, parents should give their children enough freedom so their kids aren’t so negative towards them and aren’t rude.

Do you use your freedom responsibly Brainly?

Answer: Yes, i do use my freedom responsibly.

What is opposite of freedom?

freedom(n) Antonyms: subjection, liability, dependence, heteronomy, reserve, constraint, subordination, repression. Synonyms: exemption, immunity, liberty, independence, self-government, autonomy, privileges, immunities, franchises, ease, facility, unconstraint, laxity, candor, frankness, informality, latitudinarianism.

What words could be substituted for the term freedom?


  • autonomy,
  • independence,
  • independency,
  • liberty,
  • self-determination,
  • self-governance,
  • self-government,
  • sovereignty.

What is freedom according to philosophers?

Freedom is the possibility of choosing the option of unfreedom. Free – chooses, not free obeys desires. Freedom is a state of mind; it is a philosophical concept reflecting an inalienable human right to realize one’s human will.

What does it mean to not have freedom?

the fact of having less power or authority than someone else.

How is freedom related to self?

While self determination is a trait which you are encouraged to do a thing in order to achieve success and satisfaction in life and without hesitation to do that action. Freedom is related to self-determination because freedom itself allows us to be determined enough to achieve whatever goal we set for ourselves.

How is freedom an expression of our humanity Brainly?

Answer. Freedom of expression allows pluralist dialogue and creates a secure platform for critical voices. It ensures that people have the right to seek, obtain, receive and hold information about human rights and human rights violations.

How do we attain freedom?

3 Steps To Achieve Personal Freedom

  1. Step 1: Create Awareness. Never feel like you have to do something. We all have these false stories in our heads.
  2. Step 2: Give Up What’s Caging You. All this stuff sounds easy. “I can do whatever I want!” Everyone can say that.
  3. Step 3: Plan For Freedom. Wishing, hoping, wanting, talking—it’s all useless without action.