What do you call someone who ties fishing flies?

What do you call someone who ties fishing flies?

Definition of flytier : a person who makes flies for fishing.

How do you fish a Hornberg fly?

The Hornberg can be fished as a dry fly dead drift or fished as a streamer below the surface of the water. Alternately a combination approach can be employed. It can be cast out upstream and drifted until the fly swings below and dangles. Then the fly can be pulled under the surface and stripped in as a streamer.

What does CDC mean in fly tying?

By now, we’re all pretty familiar with the use of cul-de-canard (CDC) on dry flies and emerger patterns. This magical, nondescript feather is found near the preening gland of a duck, and has become a common, practical feature of many modern patterns.

How do you tie a redfish fly?


  1. Start by tying in some Double Pupil Lead Eyes approximately 1/8” from the eye of the hook.
  2. Wrap your thread to the bend of the hook and secure a piece of Estaz Petite.
  3. Tie in a small piece of Pseudo Hair just in front of the Hot Spot.
  4. Tie in two Marsh Legs.
  5. Marsh Legs.

What does tie flies mean?

Fly tying (also historically referred to in England as dressing flies) is the process of producing an artificial fly used by fly fishing anglers to catch fish. Fly tying is a practical art form that many individuals are able to practice with reasonable success and tie flies which produce results when fly fishing.

Is fly tying an art?

Fly tying is an ancient artistic process of fastening different materials — feathers, fur, hair and other natural or synthetic materials — to a hook with thread to produce a “fly” — an imitation aquatic insect — to be used by anglers to catch fish by fly fishing — an angling method using a rod, reel and specialized …

What does a Hornberg fly imitate?

The Hornberg Special was initially designed as a dry fly to imitate down winged insects like caddis and stoneflies. Soon the fly gained the reputation of being effective fished both as a dry or as a wet fly or streamer.