What do you write in a 15 year work anniversary?

What do you write in a 15 year work anniversary?

And today marks the 15th work anniversary of your professional life. I congratulate you on your achievement and convey my best wishes on your work anniversary. Every workplace needs someone who stands out from the rest and is an inspiration for everyone.

How do you congratulate someone on a 15 year service?

Congratulations on 15 years of service! Thank you for being such a valuable and loyal member of the team. Your knowledge, hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated. I wish you continued success in your career.

How do you say Happy anniversary to a company?

Company and Business

  1. On this blissful and charming day of your Corporate anniversary.. may you continue the journey of success with pride!
  2. Thank you for being part of our company’s success over the years. We greatly appreciate and value your hard work and success.
  3. Congratulations on your corporate anniversary!

How do you say thank you for work anniversary wishes?

Thank you for wishing me a happy work anniversary! I am glad to be on your team! I appreciate the “happy anniversary” for my eight years of working here. It’s been quite a journey, and I’ve learned a great deal.

How do you congratulate an employee on their work anniversary?

Sample Employee Appreciation Messages for Years of Service Awards

  1. “We are so proud to have you as part of our work family.
  2. “Congratulations on achieving this anniversary with us!
  3. “Thank you for being such a valuable member of our team.
  4. “Congratulations on your service anniversary today!

What do you write in a work anniversary card?

30 work anniversary wishes

  1. Thank you for being an essential part of {Company Name}______’s success.
  2. Congratulations on your work anniversary.
  3. Your contributions to the company are greatly appreciated.
  4. Wishing you all the best in the years ahead.
  5. Happy anniversary!
  6. Thank you for your efforts and creativity.

What should I write on my anniversary on Facebook?

We wish you nothing but the best for the next __ years. Happy Anniversary. Hope your special day is full of making more memories together, Happy Anniversary. May you continue to share wonderful days, wonderful nights, and a wonderful life.

How do you wish a colleague for work anniversary?