What does 200gsm mean on a sleeping bag?

What does 200gsm mean on a sleeping bag?

GSM – is the weight in grams of 1 metre squared of insulating material. So in general the higher this value the warmer your bag will be. However, not all synthetic fills are the same. So a high quality fill weighing 200gsm could be as warm a low quality fill weighing 300gsm.

Is a 300GSM sleeping bag warm?

300GSM (2 x 150g/m²) ultra-warm filling. 190T Polyester durable outer shell – Water resistant against damp.

What is the coldest rated sleeping bag?

Kelty Cosmic 0 Sleeping Bag
Kelty Cosmic 0 Sleeping Bag The Cosmic 0 is their coldest rated bag and uses their DriDown fill that manages to keep its loft even in wet/damp conditions.

What’s the warmest sleeping bag?

Snowy Owl EX -60 Sleeping Bag
The warmest sleeping bag on the planet, the Snowy Owl has been the bag of choice for polar expeditions since its inception. Our fully contoured design maintains full and even loft of the 900+ fill down in the head and shoulder regions.

What season is 200gsm Sleepingbag?


Dimensions (LxWxH) (cm) 186 x 75
Seasons Spring/Autumn
Comfort Temperature Range 15˚C
Limit of Comfort Temperature Range 10˚C
Extreme Temperature Range -3˚C

What is 2/3 season sleeping bag?

2 Season – Bags designed for cooler nights in the summer or spring with a temperature range of 0 to +5°C. 3 Season – Designed for colder nights without frost (0 to -5°C). Many people use a three season sleeping bag as an all-rounder for year round use.

What is 400gsm Sleepingbag?

GSM stands for Grams per Square Meter. So, the higher the number, the more weight there is per square meter. This means more fabric, filling, etc, keeping you warmer. So the higher the GSM rating of your sleeping bag, the warmer you should be.