What does a pad-mounted transformer do?

What does a pad-mounted transformer do?

Pad-mounted transformers, those big green utility boxes commonly seen around town, serve the purpose of lowering high voltage to standard household voltage used to power electronics, appliances and lighting. These transformers are not protected in the way overhead lines and substations are.

Are pad-mounted transformers liquid filled?

Pad-mount transformers are (nearly always) oil-filled units and so must be mounted outdoors only. The core and coils are enclosed in a steel oil-filled tank, with terminals for the transformer accessible in an adjacent lockable wiring cabinet. The wiring cabinet has high and low voltage wiring compartments.

How much does a 2500 KVA transformer cost?

We are a well-known name, involved in providing an extensive series of 2500 KVA Transformer. Our product is extremely employed by customers owing to their sturdy nature. Price Range: 20 Lakh to 1 Crore.

How much does a 1000 KVA transformer cost?


Reconditioned Price: $24,480.00
Stock No.: 11-4167
Phase: 3
KVA: 1000
Primary Voltage: 4160

How big is a 2000 KVA transformer?

1-2. 33kV – 400/230V

Item Capacity Dimensions(mm)
kVA Length
11 1,250 2,000
12 1,500 2,100
13 2,000 2,250

How big is a 1000kva transformer?

Overall dimensions: 74 in. L x 73 in. W x 55 in.

How big is a pad-mounted transformer?

With transformer sizes ranging from 45 kVA to 12 MVA and high voltages ranging from 2400 V to 46 kV, Eaton has you covered.

How long does a pad-mounted transformer last?

30 years
Transformers themselves are known to last very long due to their strong build and design from material to the main structure of the transformer. Residential pad-mounted transformers have an expected life span of more than 30 years.

How do you hide a pad on a mounted transformer?

Use gravel, wood chips, grass or low ground cover around the transformer. Flowers are okay but may get trampled if we have to work on it.

Who is responsible for pad-mounted transformer?

The consumer is responsible for furnishing the trench and furnishing and installing the conduit. The transformer end should be dug to a distance of two feet from the transformer pad. The house end should be attached to the meter base. The Cooperative requires an inspection prior to filling or conductor installation.

How many amps is a 1500 kVA transformer good for?

kVA to Amps Conversion Chart

kVA kW 208 V
1,125 kVA 900 kW 3,123 A
1,250 kVA 1,000 kW 3,470 A
1,563 kVA 1,250 kW 4,338 A
1,875 kVA 1,500 kW 5,204 A