What does a spool valve do in a transmission?

What does a spool valve do in a transmission?

The spool valve is the most common valve found in automatic transmissions. They resemble a spool of thread with large areas used to block fluid flow called lands and stemmed areas called valleys. At each end of the valve is a reaction area.

How do you adjust a spool valve?

To adjust the spool valve, loosen the valve-locking nut on the side. Removing the locking nut gives you access to the adjustment screw. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the pressure, and twist it counter-clockwise to lower the pressure.

What is spool in control valve?

A spool is a cylindrical valve element that opens and closes ports when moved axially within the valve bore. Most spool valves use elastomers to seal between flow paths.

What are two types of spool valves?

#2 Spool – Standard Directional Valve for Cylinder Operation – Blocked Center. #0 Spool – Same as Above – All Ports Relieved in Center Position. #6 Spool – Motor Spool – Both Work Ports to Tank in Center Position. This is also used on cylinder control when cylinders have load holding checks or counterbalance valves.

Why is it called a spool valve?

Spool can be considered as a valve component that has seals mounted along its surface. Spool valves regulate the flow of fluid in hydraulic systems. Spool valves would slide backward and forward so that the fluid flow can be either in one direction or another around a circuit of pipes.

What causes a spool valve to fail?

When a valve sticks, the spool cannot change positions when an operator applies normal force. Several factors can cause this sticking action, including contamination, silting, mechanical failure or operator failure.

What are spool valves made of?

Spool valves Spools may be either stainless steel or aluminium; stainless for the glandless type and aluminium for the sealed type. Spool valves with seals are of simple construction and design.

What does a spool look like?

Essentially a spool is a smaller size swimming pool with added spa-like features. Typically measuring 10 – 16 feet long and 6 – 8 feet wide, spools are ideal for restricted spaces or oldy shaped backyards. Find out how much space you actually need for a pool here.

Where are spool valves used?

Spool valves are widely used in many industries, spool valves are used in hydraulics, in which the oil is the energy source and they are also used in pneumatics where the air is the energy source and spool valve does the flow direction of the energy source and these valves does this by combining or switching the paths …