What does B mean in harmonica tabs?

What does B mean in harmonica tabs?

Tab with arrows. Notes scheme for the harmonica in the key of C. Anglo-Saxon notation: C = Do D = Re E = Mi F = Fa G = Sol A = La B = Si. The “b” to the right indicates a flat note, it’s a semitone (or halftone) lower than the original note.

What does a slash mean in harmonica tabs?

A slash / between numbers means a slur. 2/3. 2 draw with a little 3 draw. A percent % before a number means “tongue slap” the note.

What is the easiest harmonica song?

10 Easy Harmonica Songs (with links to the Tabs)

  • Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  • When the Saints Go Marching in.
  • Jingle Bells.
  • Row Row Row Your Boat.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
  • Stand By Me.
  • Love Me Tender.
  • Happy Birthday.

Can you play songs on a harmonica?

When you know how to approach it – your harmonica can play ANY song you want.

What is the rhythm of the song My Heart Will Go On?

As the theme of the movie is romance, the tempo of the main song )”My heart will go on”) must be slow and maintain a consistent rhythm. The beat is fairly regular, as the notes of the song are played softly, however towards the end of the song, the beat gradually gets stronger when the gong is being played.

What class of instrument is a harmonica?

Wind aerophone

Woodwind instrument
Classification Wind aerophone
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 412.132 (Free reed aerophone)
Developed Early 19th century
Playing range

What are the chords on a harmonica?

The chords you can play, and the notes you must play simultaneously in order to sound them, are:

  • C major: Blow holes 1–2–3, 4–5–6, or 7–8–9.
  • G major: Draw holes 1–2–3, or 1–2–3–4.
  • G7 (seventh): Draw holes 2–3–4–5.
  • D minor: Draw holes 4–5–6, or 8–9–10.

What does 3 mean on harmonica?

Bends. -3′ means draw on hole 3 with a half-step bend.

What does 3 mean in harmonica tabs?

-3” indicates a draw 3 bent down a whole-step (common) -3”’ indicates a draw 3 bent down a step and a half (uncommon) And likewise for blow bends: 10′ indicates a blow 10 bent down a half-step. 10” indicates a blow 10 bent down a whole-step.