What does CBA mean?

What does CBA mean?

What does CBA mean? CBA is an acronym that means can’t be arsed, meaning, essentially, that a person can’t be bothered to find the energy or willingness to do something. It’s used in England, Australia, and New Zealand more than it is in the US. Arse is a British slang version of ass.

What are the provisions of a CBA?

The provisions of a CBA are negotiated by parties during collective bargaining and are documented in the contract language. In the course of testing, payroll compliance auditors reference specific CBA provisions to determine benefit plan contribution requirements.

What does CBA Centro Ballena Azul mean?

CBA Centro Ballena Azul (Spanish: Blue Whale Center) CBA Critical Business Activities CBA Cash Balance Account CBA Chronic Bronchitis and Asthma (illlness) CBA Child Bearing Age

Why is my CBA not reporting my benefits?

Certain CBA provisions tend to create employer confusion and can result in incorrect reporting of benefit contributions. Examples include new employee probationary periods and/or language defining benefits “eligibility.