What does commissioned by mean?

What does commissioned by mean?

(kəmɪʃən ) Word forms: commissions, commissioning, commissioned. transitive verb. If you commission something or commission someone to do something, you formally arrange for someone to do a piece of work for you.

What do you mean by compatibility?

Compatibility is the capacity for two systems to work together without having to be altered to do so. Compatible software applications use the same data formats. For example, if word processor applications are compatible, the user should be able to open their document files in either product.

What does it mean to commiserate with someone?

Definition of commiserate intransitive verb. : to feel or express sympathy : condole commiserates with them on their loss. transitive verb. : to feel or express sorrow or compassion for. Other Words from commiserate Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About commiserate.

What does to vacillate mean?

Definition of vacillate intransitive verb. 1 : to waver in mind, will, or feeling : hesitate in choice of opinions or courses. 2a : to sway through lack of equilibrium.

What does it mean to be commissioned by God?

The commission from Jesus has been interpreted by evangelical Christians. as meaning that his followers have the duty to go, make disciples, teach, and baptize.

How do you use the word commissioned?

The report on poverty was commissioned by the governor. The king commissioned the artist to paint his portrait. She was commissioned in the Navy as a captain. The ship was commissioned in 2004.

What is an example of compatibility?

The definition of compatibility means how well two things work or go together. When a couple and wife get along well and enjoy spending time together, this is an example of compatibility. When a printer works with your computer hardware, this is an example of compatibility.

What is another word for compatible?

In this page you can discover 46 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for compatible, like: fit, agreeable, conformable, cooperative, congruent, simpatico, harmony, synonymous, harmonious, congenial and compatable.

What is the difference between condolences and commiserations?

As nouns the difference between condolence and commiseration is that condolence is (uncountable) comfort, support or sympathy while commiseration is the act of commiserating; sorrow for the wants, afflictions, or distresses of another; pity; compassion.

Is commiserate a negative word?

commiserate Add to list Share. When you commiserate with your buddies, you’re sharing your lousy feelings. People who commiserate have the same negative feelings about something.

What is vacillating personality?

not resolute; wavering; indecisive; hesitating: an ineffectual, vacillating person.