What does CSPro stand for?

What does CSPro stand for?

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a public domain software package used by hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating census and survey data.

What type of software is CSPro?


Developer(s) U.S. Census Bureau
Operating system Microsoft Windows, Android
Type Application development, data processing, statistical software, CAPI
License Public domain
Website census.gov/data/software/cspro.html

What software does Census use?

Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) CSPro supports data collection on android devices (phones and tablets). The CSEntry Android App works in collaboration with the desktop version of of CSPro.

Which is the best app for data entry?

  1. Teamscope (Android, iOS & Web)
  2. Open Data Kit (Android)
  3. KoboToolbox (Android & Web)
  4. REDcap (Android, iOS & Web)
  5. Magpi (Android & iOS)
  6. Jotforms mobile (Android, iOS &n Web)
  7. Survey CTO (Android & Web)
  8. CommCare (Android & Web)

How do you write logic in CSPro?

CSPro may prompt you to save changes….Step 1: Write Logic for the Edit

  1. Open the data entry application we created earlier.
  2. Get ready to write logic by clicking on the toolbar, or pressing Ctrl+L or selecting View -> Logic from the main menu.
  3. Press Ctrl+T to show names instead of labels in the forms tree.

How do I export data from CSPro to SPSS?

When you choose SPSS as the export format, CSPro creates two files: a data file (. DAT) and an SPSS syntax file (. SPS). To load the exported data into SPSS, you must first load the syntax file into SPSS and then run the syntax in order to load the data.

How do I create a roster for CSPro?

CSPro automatically creates a roster, under appropriate conditions, when you drag a dictionary item onto a form. In most cases where a roster is possible, CSPro obeys the Roster Options on the drag options dialog box. Make sure this option is Horizontal or Vertical before you begin.

Can I automate my data entry job?

There are several techniques that you can use for automate data entry which will drastically reduce your time and eliminate your manual data entry process. Use Macros to Automate Data Entry: You can use macro that allows us to automate repetitive tasks without having to write complex programming routines.

How can I get free data online?

  1. Google Forms (Web)
  2. Microsoft Forms (Web)
  3. Cognito Forms (Web, Windows)
  4. HubSpot Form Builder (Web, iOS, Android)
  5. SurveyPlanet (Web)
  6. SurveyMonkey (Web, iOS, Android)
  7. Zoho Survey (Web, iOS, Android)
  8. Jotform (Web)

How do I export data from Cspro to excel?

How to …

  1. Open a Dictionary or Specifications File.
  2. Choose Items.
  3. Select Export Method (Examples of Export Methods)
  4. Run Export.
  5. Save an Export Specifications File.
  6. Run Production Exports.
  7. Get Help.

What does the Execsystem function do in Cspro?

The execsystem function, on mobile devices (Android), starts another application or executes a task. There is a related version for applications running on desktop CSEntry.