What does Esther mean in Spanish?

What does Esther mean in Spanish?

Esther Noun Plural: Esthers. Translate “Esther” to Spanish: Ester. Define meaning of “Esther”: A beautiful Jewess chosen by the king of Persia to be his queen; she stopped a plot to massacre all the Jews in Persia (an event celebrated by Jews as the feast of Purim). Translate “Esther” to Spanish: Ester, Libro de Ester.

What is the proper word for hair in Spanish?

pelo in Spanish is “HAIR”.

What does gifs mean in Spanish?

GIF, (formato de intercambio de gráficos) GIF, the ~ Noun. ‐ A graphic stored as a file in the GIF format.

What does Wayla mean in Spanish?

fig) abordar, detener (stop) waylay waylaid (past) transitive verb.

What is the Spanish name for Willie?

Guillermo is the equivalent of William. For Willie, you might go with Gil.

What does Ean mean in Spanish?

EAN, (Número europeo de artículo) European Article Number, the ~ Noun. ‐ A 13-digit barcode standard that is used in Europe. The standard is a superset of the Uniform Product Code (UPC) and allows two or three additional characters which indicate the country that issued the number.

What is the correct word for Spain in Spanish?

How do you say “Spain” in Spanish? – It’s “España.”¿Cómo se dice “Spain” en español? – Se dice “España.

What does ESD mean in Spanish?

ESD. Extremidad Superior Derecha (Spanish: Right Arm)

How do you say Esther in Spanish?

15 second clip suggested0:29How to Pronounce ESTHER in Spanish – PronounceNames.comYouTube

How do you say Esther in other languages?

International variants

  1. Eistir (Irish)
  2. Eseza (Luganda)
  3. Esita (Luganda)
  4. Essi (Finnish)
  5. Essie (English)
  6. Essy (Australia)
  7. Esta (English)
  8. Estée (French)

Is hair masculine or feminine in Spanish?

hair el pelo
feminine femenino

What is the meaning of WWW?

World Wide Web
Definition of World Wide Web : a part of the Internet accessed through a graphical user interface and containing documents often connected by hyperlinks. — called also Web.