What does HTX mean in UKC?

What does HTX mean in UKC?

Hunt Test Excellence
The title of Hunt Test Excellence is defined as three simple letters, H-T-X. An HTX title signifies that a coonhound has successfully completed three different Hunt Test Evaluations under three separate evaluators.

What is a UKC performance pedigree?

UKC issues a unique Performance Pedigree with each registration certificate. For each dog in the pedigree, up to four generations, the Performance Pedigree displays: the coat color. the number of offspring produced. the number of offspring that earned each title.

What is a UKC Nite Hunt?

UKC Nite Hunts are exciting events for coonhounds, as the dogs compete to find and follow the trail of wild raccoons until their game is in a tree. A judge evaluates each dog compared to the breed’s ideal (known as the Breed Standard), and awards the dog with the best structure and movement.

Who owns UKC?

— Dog Fancy Magazine is pointing paws at Kalamazoo. Wayne Cavanaugh, owner and president of locally based United Kennel Club, as well as the club’s late founder, Chauncey Z.

What is an AKC hunt test?

There are three hunt test levels – Junior, Senior, Master, and titles can be earned at each level. Judges score dogs on their natural ability to mark and remember a fall, on their hunting style, perseverance or courage. They are also scored on learned abilities such as steadiness, control, response and delivery.

What is a 3 generation performance pedigree package?

THREE GENERATION PERFORMANCE PEDIGREEⓇ * Performance Pedigrees are the most complete 3-generation pedigrees in the world. For each UKCⓇ registered ancestor in the pedigree, we will indicate coat colors, number of offspring produced, as well as the number of degrees earned by those offspring.

Who won the UKC Winter Classic?

Setum Up Rip
Congratulations to our overall UKC Winter Classic Nite Hunt winner, Setum Up Rip, an X-Bred Coonhound owned by Clarence Steelman, from Sunflower, Mississippi! Reserve winner was ‘PR’ Bring on the Heat, a Treeing Walker owned by Johnny Hamilton, of Fort Branch, IN.

Who won the UKC 2021?

UKC 2021: UKC season 2 announced, champion to get $1mn prize money. PZ won by 9 runs. IU won by 43 runs.

Is UKC American?

The United Kennel Club (UKC) is a kennel club founded in 1898 in the United States. In contrast with the American Kennel Club, which is non-profit and which only clubs can join, the United Kennel Club is a profit-making corporation, open to individuals.

What is UKC show champion?

The most a dog can get at a show is 35 points. In order to become a UKC Champion, the dog must get 100 points under three different judges and against competition.

How do you get Junior Hunter title?

The Junior Hunter Test There are two series you must complete: a land series and a water series. Each series includes two marks, thrown one at a time. Your dog must retrieve to hand; they can not drop it at your feet.