What does it mean when printer Says replace imaging unit?

What does it mean when printer Says replace imaging unit?

Ink and toner cartridges, as well as the drum units of some other manufacturers, have chips on them. As a result, you will get the “Replace Drum” message because your printer thinks that you’ve not installed a drum unit. On the right is a standard toner cartridge with a chip.

How do I install imaging unit on Samsung printer?

Samsung Laser Printers – How to Replace the Imaging Unit

  1. Open the front cover and remove the toner cartridge.
  2. Pull the imaging unit straight out of the printer, along the printer groove.
  3. Install the new imaging unit into the printer, aligning it along the printer groove.

What does imaging unit mean?

image drum
An image drum is a vital part of a laser printer that is responsible for transferring the toner and image or text to paper. It has several different names, it’s also called the imaging unit, drum unit or photoreceptor drum.

When should I change my imaging unit?

You should replace it when your image quality declines and does not improve even after changing your toner. Or simply replace your drum when your printer notifies you to do so. When the replace drum light or message comes on, your printer might stop working without much notice.

Is imaging unit same as toner?

The toner cartridge contains several components including the color pigment used to create letters and images. The imaging drum is the unit that transfers the toner to paper by following the principles of electrophotography. Not all laser printer models require both toner cartridge and imaging drums.

What is the imaging unit on a Samsung printer?

The imaging unit contains a metal cylinder that the laser beams your print out on to. This creates a static charge on the cylinder and as the cylinder rolls past the toner cartridge, the toner is attracted to it. This then rolls on to the blank paper to create your printed document.

What is new imaging unit on Samsung printer?

Imaging unit-related messages

Message Meaning
Prepare New Imaging Unit The imaging unit has almost reached its estimated cartridge life. Replace the imaging unit as soon as possible.
Replace Imaging Unit The imaging unit has reached its estimated cartridge life.

What is cartridge reset chip?

A resetter is a small plastic tool that physically connects with the printer cartridge chip and tells the chip to reset its memory. Place the cartridge in an upward position on a flat and even surface. The release points on the cartridge should be pointing at the upward direction.

How long does an imaging unit last?

Over time, the drum unit deteriorates and eventually needs to be replaced. Drum units typically last for 10,000 to 50,000 printed pages, depending on the quality of the printer and unit. Your printer will exhibit warning signs of the drum unit’s deterioration so you can replace it before it stops working.