What does KR stand for in Hull KR?

What does KR stand for in Hull KR?

Hull Kingston Rovers
Hull Kingston Rovers were formed in 1882 by a group of boilermakers and started life as Kingston Amateurs playing in Albert Street to the west of the city in the autumn of 1883.

What’s the difference between Hull FC and Hull KR?

Hull F.C. play on the west side of the city, and Hull KR on the east side, at Hull College Craven Park. The River Hull is the divide between the two. Hull KR’s nickname, “The Robins”, originates from their traditional playing colours of red and white.

What is Hull KR ground called?

Craven Park Stadium
Sewell Group Craven Park Stadium (formerly known as Hull College Craven Park) is the home of the Hull Kingston Rovers R.F.C. It is situated on Preston Road in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, England.

Where was Jordan Abdull born?

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Who sponsors Hull KR?

Hull Kingston Rovers (KR) rugby league club has announced Hull-based IoT and smart city firm Connexin will become its new headline sponsor in a multi-season sponsorship deal.

When did Hull KR last win a trophy?

Hull FC won their only Premiership title in 1991 against Widnes at Old Trafford.

How many times have Hull FC won the Super League?


Club Winners Years won
Wigan Warriors 5 1998, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2018
Bradford Bulls 3 2001, 2003, 2005
Warrington Wolves 0
Hull F.C. 0

Who has scored the most tries for Hull FC?

Clive Sullivan
Hull FC players that have scored over 100 tries for the club….Hull FC Top Try Scorers.

Name Tries
1 Clive Sullivan 250
2 Ivor Watts 216
3 Kirk Yeaman 176
4 Alf Francis 166

Who has won the most Grand Finals in rugby league?

St Helens
Super League Grand Final

Stadiums Old Trafford
Meetings total 24
Most wins St Helens (8 titles)
Most player appearances Jamie Peacock (11 appearances)

Who has won the least NRL premierships?

Since 1908, counting the NRL and some of its predecessors (including the 1997 Super League Season), the following sides are a few who have never won a premiership: Newcastle Rebels. Cumberland RLFC. Glebe Dirty Reds.

Which rugby league team has the most wooden spoons?

Wooden spoons

Tally Club
17 Western Suburbs Magpies
14 Parramatta Eels
10 Sydney University
9 North Sydney Bears

Has there ever been a 0 0 NRL game?

Rugby Union officially became a professional sport in 1995. Since then there hasn’t been a 0–0 draw between any of the fully professional national sides.