What does NC mean in Honda NC750X?

What does NC mean in Honda NC750X?

The NC750X is the enlarged, 2014 successor to the original 2011 NC700X. As such it’s the adventure-styled variant of Honda’s ‘NC’ ‘New Concept’ triumvirate of low-revving, semi-automatic, novice-friendly twins (along with the now NC750S roadster and Integra maxi-scooter).

Is the Honda NC700X a good beginner bike?

The NC engine’s power is tuned to be most available at lower rpms and is a near perfect amount for predictable, reliable, and efficient riding. That’s why it’s widely regarded as a beginner-friendly motorcycle.

What does Honda NC mean?

Related. Honda NM4. The Honda NC700 series is a family of motorcycles produced by Honda since 2012. NC700 series was a ‘new concept’, being unlike conventional motorcycles, a bike designed for commuters, new or veteran riders. The series also includes the motorcycle/scooter hybrid NC700D Integra.

What is the difference between NC750X and NC750S?

While the NC750X offers the feeling of an adventure tourer, the NC750S represents a new genre in naked sports bikes. Both have large luggage boxes that make it possible to pack quickly when going out for a long ride. Both are designed with an emphasis on space utility and feature the Dual Clutch Transmission.

Is the NC750X automatic?

DCT IS A PERFECT MATCH The NC750X is a do-it-all bike, and Honda’s automatic DCT transmission is a do-it-all feature. Together they’re a great team!

Is Honda nc750x a beginner bike?

The NC is a good beginner, intermediate and final bike. It has enough power to do what you need with a lower gearing to allow for solid takeoffs and prevent stalling (in the manual anyway). The practicality and unique frunk space is an excellent addition. Low center of gravity will allow for good low speed handling.

Is the Honda nc700x automatic?

On the NC700X there is the option to enjoy this new engine with the second generation of Honda’s innovative Dual Clutch Transmission, offering both manual gear shifting and fully automatic functionality – a suitably advanced and versatile core for an innovative new motorcycle.

How much is a Honda NC750X?

$8,199Honda NC750X / MSRP

Where is NC750X made?

The built-in catalyser has a two-layer structure for cleaner emissions. The NC750X engine sips fuel – with a measured consumption of 67 MPG providing a near 248 mile range from the 3.7 gallon underseat fuel tank shown below – and is now EURO5 compliant.

Is the Honda NC750X comfortable?

Honda NC750X Bike Overview It offers a comfortable riding position, a low centre of gravity which makes it ideal for turning at low speed and easy for riders to place their feet on the floor, which can be useful for those who are less confident.

Do you like the Honda NC700X?

We like the NC. You’re gonna have to deal with it. In case you’re unfamiliar, the NC700X is Honda’s do-it-all value bike aimed at catering to all the things American riders don’t use motorcycles for.

What are the specs of a 2013 Honda NC700S?

The 2013 Honda NC700S is equipped with a 670 cc, 2-cylinder, SOHC, PGM-FI engine that develops a maximum speed of 47 horsepower at 6,250 rpm and a peak torque of 60 Nm at 4,750 rpm. The engine is paired with a dual clutch transmission which delivers a pretty good fuel efficiency, as can hit 27 kilometers on a liter.

What is the NC700S?

The NC700S is a user-friendly, naked model arising from a “Neo-FUNctional Commuter” development concept. It fuses the straightforward characteristics that make it possible to experience the true thrill of maneuvering a bike with a powerful, distinctive and vibrant design inspired by classic styling.

Is the NC700S a good utility bike?

An economical little work horse that can just about cut it out of town when you fancy going a little faster. Stability, comfort, cheap price and a large storage space make the NC700S a very appealing bike. Overall the NC700S is a surprisingly endearing utility bike.