What does Njrotc stand for?

What does Njrotc stand for?

Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps

What is an OIP inspection?

The OIP is a comprehensive written program addressing all inspections and audits conducted by the command and its subordinate elements, including those inspections and audits scheduled by outside agencies.

What does PMCS stand for Army?

preventive maintenance checks and services

How do you shape the ends of a mustache?

Use scissors to reduce length, and clippers to tidy and reduce bulk.

  1. Comb your mustache downwardly.
  2. Using the lip as a guideline, trim the lower contour with scissors.
  3. Run the clippers over your mustache downwardly.
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Can the army inspect my house if I live on post?

The command must have permission of the Soldier or spouse to enter the home. The command can ask to enter, but if the Soldier says no, they can not force their way in to inspect. This is usually in the contract with the housing authority that they can come in and inspect the quarters after giving 24 hour notice.

What are the principles of an army inspection?

These five principles — purposeful, coordinated, focused on feedback, instructive, and followed-up (see paragraph 2-2 of Army Regulation 1-201) — support the five basic elements of an inspection.

What is one of the positive results Personnel inspections can promote?

What is one of the positive results personnel inspections can promote? It gives hard-working cadets the opportunity to demonstrate the self-discipline, attention to detail, and pride they have in their unit.

What is the difference between an IG inspection and a staff inspection?

a. Inspector general inspections focus principally on issues that are systemic in nature and that affect many units throughout the command. IG inspections examine and recommend solutions for problems that command and staff inspections cannot solve at the local level….

What is the single standard for maintenance of all Army equipment?

The Army has one maintenance standard, which is outlined in AR 750-1, Army Materiel Maintenance Policies. Maintenance Standards and Concepts (cont.) Standard based on the TM (Technical Manual) -10 -20 level PMCS (Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services). Equipment FMC (Fully Mission Capable).

What rank is represented by 5 attached gold bars?

The collar device is five attached gold bars.

Do you have to cut your hair for Jrotc?

Hair will be kept groomed and will not present a ragged, or unkept appearance. Hair will not extend below the bottom edge of the collar and should not be cut so short as to appear unfeminine.

What command is given by the platoon commander when the inspecting officer approaches the platoon?

that the platoon commander receives the inspecting officer. acknowledged, he gives the command: or other command ordered. one pace in front of and facing the platoon and the platoon commander. turns his head and gives the command: ATTENTION.

How often to Njrotc cadets wear their uniforms?

a. The NJROTC uniform will be worn by all cadets at least one full school day each week and on other occasions as prescribed by your naval science instructor (drills, ceremonies, and parades).

What is military inspection?

(1) Agencies of military administration directly in charge of the leadership of combat arms and services and of the examination and control of the troops upon instruction from higher agencies.

What is a command inspection Army?

(7) Conduct an initial command inspection (ICI) for each newly assigned company commander within 180 days of assumption of command. This inspection will identify unit strengths and weaknesses, and assist in developing performance objectives during the new commander’s tenure in command….

What are the regulations for a male cadet’s mustache?

Mustaches are permitted. If mustaches are worn, they will be neatly trimmed, tapered, and tidy. Mustaches will not present a chopped off or bushy appearance, and no portion of the mustache will cover the upper lip line or extend sideways beyond a vertical line drawn upward from the corners of the mouth.

What is the maximum allowable length of hair for a male cadet?

4 inches

How is the most senior ribbon worn on the uniform shirt when more than one ribbon is worn?

Adjustment may be necessary to make the ribbons parallel to the deck on the Service Dress Blue Coat. NJROTC ribbons are be worn in the order of precedence with the most senior ribbon worn on the top row and inboard when more than one ribbon is on a row.

Why do we wear the Jrotc uniform?

The JROTC uniform represents the standards and values of the military. By wearing the uniform properly you will uphold those standards and values and be provided with the respect that is given to those in uniform.

Can you have long hair in ROTC?

The bulk or length of the hair will not interfere with wearing of military headgear. Hair should not appear unkempt. The hair length may not extend below the bottom edge of any uniform collar. Long hair may meet this standard by being pinned up using natural hair colored or transparent clips or barrettes….

What is 10/20 standard in the army?

Army Regulation (AR) 750-1 defines the Army’s -10-20 Maintenance Standard as the following: Equipment is Fully Mission Capable. All faults identified following prescribed intervals using the applicable TM. All repairs, services and other related work with parts on hand are complete….

What is the maximum bulk for female cadets?

There is no minimum hair length for females but there is a maximum bulk of 3-1/2 inches from the scalp and allows proper wear of headgear. Hair will end above the bottom edge of collar and will not extend below an invisible line drawn parallel to the ground, both front to back and side to side.

What are the 4 levels of maintenance Army?


  • FIELD LEVEL MAINTENANCE: Field level maintenance consists of operator and organizational level maintenance tasks.

What is the standard for a male cadet’s hair style?

What is the standard for a male cadet’s hair style? The hair must be neatly trimmed with sideburns no lower than the bottom of the ear opening. How do you properly dispose of a flag that is old or worn? You should destroy it as a whole, privately, respectfully, and traditionally by burning it.

What are the four Njrotc ribbons that can be worn incorrectly?

The four ribbons which can be worn “incorrectly” are Distinguished Cadet, Physical Fitness, Unit Service, and Color Guard.