What does on the margins of mean?

What does on the margins of mean?

To be on the margins of a society, group, or activity means to be among the least typical or least important parts of it. Students have played an important role in the past, but for the moment, they’re on the margins. 6. See also profit margin.

What does it mean to be on the margins of society?

the margins of something ​Definitions and Synonyms phrase. DEFINITIONS1. the part of society or an organization that is not considered typical or that does not share its beliefs or values.

How do you use margin in a sentence?

a strip near the boundary of an object.

  1. Someone had scribbled a note in the margin .
  2. He is on the margin of death.
  3. He is on the margin of bare subsistence.
  4. Leave a generous margin on the left.
  5. Pandas are on the margin of extinction.
  6. He beat the other runners by a margin of ten seconds/by a wide margin.

What is making a decision on the margin?

Thinking at the margin means to let the past go and to think forward to the next hour, day, year, or dollar that you expend in time or money. If you think at the margin, you are thinking ahead.

What do you mean by margin explain with example?

1 : the part of a page or sheet outside the main body of printed or written matter. 2 : the outside limit and adjoining surface of something : edge at the margin of the woods continental margin. 3a : a spare amount or measure or degree allowed or given for contingencies or special situations left no margin for error.

Who are the people on the margins?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English on the margin(s)a person on the margins of a situation or group has very little power, importance, or influence SYN on the fringes unemployed youths living on the margins of society → marginExamples from the Corpuson the margin(s)• At each period new houses and streets …

What does living on the edge mean?

New Word Suggestion. Taking a risk above and beyond what most people would do. Pushing your horizons be it physical, mental or otherwise. This is a common trait among dare-devils and over-the-top sports enthusiasts.

What is margin in essay?

The part of a page that’s outside the main body of text is a margin. Word processors let us set margins so that they’re either aligned (justified) or ragged (unjustified). For most school or college writing assignments (including articles, essays, and reports), only the left-hand margin should be justified.

Why is thinking at the margin important?

From an economist’s perspective, making choices involves thinking ‘at the margin’ – that is, making decisions based on small changes in resources. Doing so leads to the optimal decisions being made, subject to preferences, resources and informational constraints.

What does thinking at the margin help with?

What does thinking at the margin help compare? Helps by pointing out opportunity cost and benefits. In what way are trade-offs and opportunity cost alike? Both are choices given up in favor of another choice.

What does 2 1 margins mean?

Margin requirements for equities are normally 2-to-1 for the average investor, meaning you’ll purchase double your cash balance. An investor with a margin account would be able to purchase $5,000 of Company XYZ (or 1,000 shares). That same $10 price move would mean you’d then make $10,000 and earn a 300% return.

How do you use on margin in a sentence?

Once on the margin he was soon asleep.

  • We also had a large margin of safety.
  • I love a broad margin to my life.
  • But the margin would be fearfully close.
  • He required ease,margin and elbow-room.
  • In lamps,the safe margin is much less.
  • It had the look of the margin of a Primer page.
  • The omissions are here supplied in the margin from the other copies.
  • What does on margin mean?

    Someone is considered to be operating “on the margin” if they are operating at the extreme capabilities of a device with no margin of safety. For example, if an aircraft has a maximum structural design speed of 200 knots and you operate it at 199 knots, that would be considered operating “on the margin”.

    What does it mean to buy on margin?

    Buying on margin means you are investing with borrowed money. Buying on margin amplifies both gains and losses. If your account falls below the maintenance margin, your broker can sell some or all of your portfolio to get your account back in balance. The Federal Reserve Board sets the margins securities.

    What is buying on the margin?

    PALO ALTO, Calif., Dec. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) 2022, the auto industry’s premier education event, has selected Dennis McGinn, the CEO of Rapid Recon, to moderate a panel of experts discussing how to bring transparency into the buying process.