What does rule out mean?

What does rule out mean?

1 : exclude, eliminate. 2 : to make impossible : prevent heavy rain ruled out the picnic. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About rule out.

What is the synonym of rule out?

Find another word for rule out. In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for rule out, like: reject, eliminate, exclude, preclude, winnow out, close out, prevent, rule-in, include, add and keep.

How do you use rule out?

rule out

  1. ​rule somebody/something out (as something) to state that something is not possible or that somebody/something is not suitable synonym exclude. Police have not ruled out the possibility that the man was murdered.
  2. ​to prevent somebody from doing something; to prevent something from happening.

What is the meaning of does not rule out?

to stop considering something as a possibility: It’s unlikely that he’ll run for president, but you can never rule anything out. (Definition of rule out something from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

What does rule out mean law?

1. to exclude, as by decision. 2. to prevent; make impossible. See full dictionary entry for rule.

Is rule out a diagnosis?

The term rule-out is commonly used in patient care to eliminate a suspected condition or disease. While this term works well for clinicians and supports many medical and legal requirements, rule-out diagnoses are not acceptable as primary diagnoses on Medicare claims.

What does rule out mean in psychology?

The term “rule out” is used by mental health professionals who are trying to make an accurate diagnosis. The symptoms of many mental health conditions are similar or overlap so before a clear diagnosis can be made, clinicians must rule out a variety of other conditions.

What is the abbreviation for rule out?

R/O: Medical abbreviation for rule out.

What is the opposite of rule out?

Opposite of to exclude or reject as a candidate or possibility. admit. include. accept. add.

What does ruled out mean in court?

To dismiss something completely and outright.

What does it mean when a doctor says rule out?

The term “rule out” is commonly used in outpatient care to eliminate a suspected condition or disease.

What is the meaning of rule out?

To rule out is a phrasal verb meaning to exclude or judge to be irrelevant. (I always imagined that the phrase came from metaphorically using a ruler to cross out a line in a list . . . but it’s apparently more directly linked with the “judging” type of meaning.)

What is another word for “rule out”?

rule out (verb) Synonyms: reject,eliminate Antonyms: rule in,allow,consider

  • rule out (verb) To cross an item out by drawing a straight line through it,as with a ruler.
  • rule out (verb) To reject an option from a list of possibilities.
  • rule out (verb) To make something impossible.
  • What does rule out mean in medical terms?

    Rule out: Term used in medicine, meaning to eliminate or exclude something from consideration. For example, a normal chest x-ray may “rule out” pneumonia. What causes tooth decay?

    What does “to rule something out” mean?

    A: The phrase “rule out” means that the physician is attempting to discount a particular diagnosis from the list of possible or probable conditions the patient may have. He or she is attempting to “rule out” a particular scenario of treatment.