What does SBL stand for in Unisa?

What does SBL stand for in Unisa?

Graduate School of Business Leadership
The Unisa Graduate School of Business Leadership (SBL) is the only business school in South Africa that o ers both a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Business Leadership (MBL).

Is Unisa MBA internationally Recognised?

To be the leading African business school of choice offering internationally recognised leadership and management education. We are committed to offer affordable quality education.

What is better MBA or MBL?

The MBA degree will boost aspirant, entry-level managers that seek career advancement, business ownership, or technical skills and business knowledge. The MBL degree is focused on developing strong leadership skills and is more suited to someone at the senior executive level.

What is sbl module?

Purpose: This module forms part of the PGD (business administration). The module provides fundamental competencies which will support further studies and applications in the fields of Business Administration and Business Leadership.

What does SBL stand for?


Acronym Definition
SBL Small Business Loan (finance)
SBL Scenario-Based Learning
SBL Superficial Back Line (anatomy)
SBL Simulation Based Learning (various locations)

What is SBL fees Unisa?

For the DBL there is a once off non-refundable administration fee of R2500. Paying an application fee does not mean that your application will be successful. The application fee may be paid by electronic fund transfer (EFT)/credit card or cash deposit at your nearest bank. Note that Unisa SBL is a cashless environment.

How much is MBL at Unisa?

Total fees: R225 206 The acceptance fee is payable on or before registration. Registration will only be processed if this registration fee is settled in full or a valid purchase order is provided.

What NQF level is MBL?

Following regulatory changes to the qualification framework, the SBL obtained accreditation from the Council on Higher Education (CHE) to offer the Master of Business Leadership (MBL) degree on level 9 of the National Qualification Framework (NQF) from 2017.

Is SBL ACCA easy?

SBL is actually a mammoth. There’s too much to study and there’s too much to remember. But as a general paper, I’d say the easiest of the lot. It’s a 4 hour case study exam where you’ll be tested from actually all the components of the first 9 papers.

What is SBR and SBL?

strategic business REPORTING (sbR) SBR along with SBL are an essential subject and must to taken. It is recommended to sit SBR & SBL prior to sitting your x 2 professional option exams.